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Appar- ently, he dressed up really special and danced the night away. Wiffle Ball 1 -4; Radio/TV 3-4; Radio Co-manager 4; Track L.. BRIAN BLACK 247 State Street, Hanson B Squared; Lurch. L NICOLE KAIRIS, leave to Matt Woods a shiny nickel; Katie Hopkins a yellow gummy bear; and to Amanda Weiss two more ars of spring track without me. L NICK KONARSKI, leave to Steve appalini my kidneys.

w3 clas^T bf 2 0 00 Right: Senior Jeff "side burns" Andrews sports his futuristic style bubble wrap sweater, as he shows the audience his box of Millenios. Above: The Seniors from the 2000 Yearbook Class gather around to portray how much fun the Class of 2000 really is. PJ 96 w/JW SW MA BS PP; crashing the gate; Berkshires 99 w/NF ML BS JW SW PW and Lumbarlou; EMT night w/GP JH and a bunch of cops; the con- struction site and hanging out w/RH; late ice cream night GP JM; Weldon Hill w/ MA BS JW SW JG; self titled and PMP; cards w/NF JL JW BS ML MB PP MA SW RH PW BH; Jamming w/DM and NA MS... L CAROLYN KEEMAN, leave to ri Mc Kenzie a year without friends; to Kim Sears two years looking r the penguin and moose; and to Kathleen Keeman three great years Whitman-Hanson. I, SHEENA LAKE, leave to Matt Rowe batter- ies for the orange fan and another year of fun "school spirit."' I, MIKE LEARY, leave to Tim Devine one more year of this won- derful sport we call football.

Y si ambos os gustáis, tendréis un Crush, que permite iniciar una conversación.√ HAPPN ha sido diseñada según el principio de reciprocidad: nunca recibirás ningún mensaje de alguien que no te interese.√ En HAPPN, la confidencialidad es también una de nuestras prioridades: ¡tu localización permanecerá siempre invisible para los otros miembros! La función "Saludo" es opcional y precisa compras en la app.

Los usuarios reciben varios "Saludos" solo por registrarse.«Es como en la vida real, os lo digo.

ENCUENTRA A QUIEN TE HAS CRUZADO — App de Citas¡Con HAPPN, descubre a las personas con quien te has cruzado, que te gustan y que te gustaría volver a ver!

once in a lifetime Fi 'our years ago we could barely tie our shoes, and now we are on the verge of paying rent and going to college on our own. Anna rear--on, holding some kisses; David Smith, peeking hts head inil c lutches some stressful assignments: Nicole Kains. Micliae] Parliain, Senior Girls Powder Puff coacli , decoratnit powder put' ^^tudents, wondering how to leave an everlasting mark to signify their time at Whitman- i^Hanson, took to the walls of the panther's gymnasium for the annual Rally Decorating Afternoon.Dwight domanda 90 minuti di riflessione e fissa un incontro con Werner, un pittore (sposato dal canto suo), il quale manca all’appuntamento.Recatosi a casa di Werner, Dwight vi trova Greta, la moglie del pittore che è armata.Ma il tempo sembra ancor più esiguo: a Bill piace Margaret, sposata con l’amico Walter. Cercando di salvarlo, Bill rimane ferito in pieno viso e, dopo qualche ora in ospedale, corre inutilmente all’areoporto. Dwight, un giovane americano, è un mantenuto e convive con Johan, un anziano tedesco.In partenza per gli Stati Uniti (tre mesi a New York), Johan chiede al giovane se per il loro rapporto vi sarà un futuro.

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