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Integrity is the measure — or at least one important measure — of how successful we are at acting on our desire to have the right desires.

David Thunder (the Irish philosopher, not the American porn star, I think) identifies five types of integrity, but I won’t burden you with the full list; it’s not going to be on the test.

At what point do we learn that the very vessel that […] Read more I’m pleased to say that I recently started dating someone who is anything but vanilla in bed.

After kissing countless frogs, I seem to have found someone who is neither adverse to oral sex (thank the sweet lord), nor put off by some of the kinkier thoughts that roll around in my head.

I live in Washington, and while lots of people say their biggest concern is “the deficit,” I have yet to meet anyone who has lost sleep over it. Philosopher Harry Frankfurt laid out a hierarchy of desires.

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But yeah there’s a lot from the original film in it, and then there’s a lot of - I guess I would call it reinterpretation from the original film rather than just a whole scale recreation", he said.

In the secular faith that is Americanism, George “I Cannot Tell a Lie” Washington is about as good an exemplar of the idea as one can conjure. It’s a bit like when pollsters ask people, “What is your biggest concern?

” No one says, “The Chargers beat the spread this weekend” or “I think I got the clap from that waitress.” But surely that sort of thing is closer to the truth for most people.

"I always knew that this is what she'd do, even when she was a young girl," says the mother contentedly about her daughter.

The younger woman's boyfriend describes a funny thing that happened to him the other day when he was having anal sex with a stranger who hadn't douched thoroughly.

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