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"I actually picked him up twice," says Ali, "and I knew I hurt something." The fatigue and anxiety about Tuesday night's final outcome had clearly seeped into this past week's rehearsal halls. "We had three times the commitment with the show, and three times the media. Wilson, soft-spoken, dark-haired and good-looking, had just flown in after spending a month in China, where he had been part of a performing-arts group from the university.Fatone was walking stooped to the left after spending a week carrying his partner, Kym Johnson, on his left shoulder in a complicated spin. "I literally just got off the plane and through customs before coming right here," he says. I knew from the moment I met her that she would be a star.With Movember drawing to a close today, men everywhere will be hoisting their razors in a goodbye salute.But, that doesn’t mean your fun with facial hair has to end!Apolo Ohno shows off his shirtless body while frolicking in the ocean with his mystery bikini-clad girlfriend on Sunday (October 19) in Maui, Hawaii. Pretty calm during this clip but the waves were gnarly all day.I didn’t dare get in, but could watch them surf all day.There's something delicious about a show where nerves are on end and no one is a sure thing.

Everyone was waiting to see if Joey Fatone, Apolo Anton Ohno and Laila Ali would blow the roof off in the freestyle. But what the audience doesn't know is that each of these celebrities has hit the wall in terms of physical and psychological energy, screaming muscles and aching joints. We literally got these costumes 20 minutes before we had to come out for the second dance. You don't want to have to think about your clothes." Hough has had the additional strain of intense media scrutiny in the past two weeks, after announcing that she called off her August wedding.

Soul Patch – What it says: “I was going to shave it all, but left just this one spot for flava – on purpose.” It’s also typically worn by wanna-be rockers, guys who listen to Daughtry or honest to goodness jazz musicians.

I’ve seen a few men pull this off successfully, but they’re either Apolo Ohno or just really handsome. The Horseshoe (otherwise known as Hulk Hogan’s ‘stache of choice) What it says: “If you need me I’ll be in my Ford F-150 blasting Tim Mc Graw on my way to go see Wrestlemania.” While I respect any man with the pair to grow such an audacious ‘stache, it’ll pretty much guarantee that no women hit on you. Muttonchops – What they say: “I make loads of cash…at my side job, as an Elvis impersonator.” While they’re really just sideburns on speed, these large, overgrown step brothers to their garden variety kinsmen are just heinous.

#surf #maui #hawaii #Hang Loose #hana,” the 32-year-old former short track speed skating star wrote on Instagram the next day with a video.

American short track speed skating competitor and an eight-time medalist (two gold, two silver, four bronze) in the Winter Olympics.

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