Authentication failed error validating saml message dating christelijk

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If the error still throws up, please contact your admin.

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After having logged in it was not possible to reproduce the POST request because the form values was gone.SAML error messages are displayed when SAML authentication request fails.The following table lists the SAML error messages and some troubleshooting tips.i was able to reproduce the problem at my dev environment again: To sum things up: i ran the same test twice: when working with opensaml 2.6.1 XMLTOOLING 1.4.1 and XMLSEC 1.5.6 SAML test pass when working with opensaml 2.6.1 XMLTOOLING 1.4.1 and XMLSEC 2.0.2 SAML (which is CXF 3.0.3 versions) tests fails we debugged the code and we see that the difference is at Key Trust Evaluator at this method: public boolean validate(Credential untrusted Credential, Iterable trusted Credentials) with XMLSEC 1.5.6 this method returns true after entering the for each loop with XMLSEC 2.0.2 this method returns false and do not even enter the for each loop here is the stuck trace of the failure when running with xmlsec 2.0.2 - please note that i had to change packages name due to the company policy....

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