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Debt consolidation can be part of a smart financial strategy to pay off debt in an efficient way.Using consolidation to manage your debt can help keep the amount of interest you pay down, saving you money while you pay off the debt.That's why P2P Credit offers bad credit debt consolidation loans to those who have poor to average credit.Even though you have bad credit, you may still be eligible to consolidate your debt into an unsecured personal loan.Your unsecured debts will be paid back in full with payments you can manage in our debt management program.Another option for debt consolidation is our debt settlement program.For the past decade, banks have typically charged interest rates on debt consolidation loans of around 7% - 12%.

Below are the most common reasons: To learn more about what debt consolidation is and how it works in Canada, click here.

How to Get Good Debt Consolidation Advice for Free A debt consolidation loan is where a bank, credit union or finance company provides you with the money to pay off your outstanding debts and "consolidate" them (bring them all together) into one big loan.

This usually provides you with three advantages: Banks and credit unions usually offer the best interest rates for debt consolidation loans.

Debt consolidation (also known as bill consolidation) does not require a loan.

Working with a debt consolidation company means that a representative will contact your creditors and negotiate on your behalf to find a way for you to pay back your debts, possibly with reduced interest rates and no late fees.

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