Cosmopolitan dating body language

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Whether it's you, your best friend, or the keg in the corner, whatever a boy aims his upper body at is the most meaningful thing in the room to him.

So if one night, a tasty man-morsel approaches your posse, you and your friends won't need to fight for the fella's affections; study his body language and you'll already know who he's after.

This period of courtship is sometimes seen as a precursor to engagement or marriage.

Dating as an institution is a relatively recent phenomenon which has mainly emerged in the last few centuries.

Although you may think he's smitten, he could be playing you.

Holding intense eye contact for more than five seconds doesn't happen naturally, so he may be using the look as a seduction technique to get you into bed.

It can be a form of courtship that consists of social activities done by the couple.

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Multiculturalism is a term used in both sociology and political philosophy and can be confused with one another.

"It's a split-face gesture: Each side of his face is telling a different story."When a man sees someone he's into, he'll automatically lift and lower his eyebrows, wrinkling his forehead in the process.

But you'll have to keep your eyes peeled to catch a glimpse of this telltale signal.

"Even if your guy hasn't dropped those three little words yet, his fingers might have.

When a man feels a strong connection, he'll subconsciously create the love sign-language gesture while doing random things.

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