Cross cutting relationships used relative dating

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Using such rationale, the sequence of geological events can be better understood.

Cross-cutting relationships may be seen cartographically, megascopically, and microscopically.

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Prior to the discovery of radiometric dating in the early 20th century, which provided a means of absolute dating, archaeologists and geologists used relative dating to determine ages of materials.Geologists establish the age of rocks in two ways: numerical dating and relative dating.Numerical dating determines the actual ages of rocks through the study of radioactive decay.Now, because we've already established that this cake is pure insanity, you're going to cut out a big hole in the middle that pierces all 3 layers and stick in some new feature. This exact same concept can be applied to layers of rock underneath the surface.We know that we can relatively date layers of rock by knowing that the layers on bottom are older than the layers on top.

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