Dating a serial cheater

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Anybody from work, those people have to be off-limits. There are things you reserve for the person you love, like spending the night in that person’s arms. We’re going to go to a hotel for an hour, and then I’m going to go home.” I also don’t go down on other women, because I want less intimacy with the people I’m cheating with, and going down on a woman is one of the most intimate things for me. If you don’t know someone, you can’t not use a condom when you have sex with her. I’m a writer, I run a small record label and I sing in a band called Perfect Pussy.But then I met her, and there was nothing I could do. It was with one of the first people I dated, but when she was breaking up with me, she told me, “I was cheating on you a lot, so this isn’t going to work.” I wasn’t annoyed. I felt like I had missed out, that I could have hooked up with people, too, and I turned down all these opportunities with great girls. You know what you’re getting into when you start to kiss that person and touch her neck, her back, her shoulder, her waist. The first thing out of my mouth isn’t “I have a girlfriend,” but if I got asked the question, I wouldn’t lie.I started to fall in love with her, and I wanted to be exclusive. For some reason, I feel wrong about lying, but I’m fine with leaving out the truth. That’s one of the things that I always think about.

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There was a girl staying with my roommate, and for some reason she was infatuated with me.I was surprised when, about a year ago, I started receiving letters on Tumblr from people that like my band, asking for advice about love, school, friendship, family—everything under the sun, it seemed. I know it’s an issue with myself that needs to be sorted but I can’t seem to figure it out just yet… I would proclaim my dedication and commitment to a monogamous relationship, then I’d keep on seeing other people.I took their trust very seriously and would do my best to write back as soon as I could, but I always felt weird sending kids the two-page letter that I’d inevitably produce. I was never very good at having affairs; I constantly got caught, bringing on an Oscar-worthy performance of hysterical tears and apologies. My victim would eventually get fed up and bounce, but as I couldn’t stand being alone, I’d quickly move on to the next.I made excuses that revolved around my partner’s perceived shortcomings.If I felt they weren’t paying me enough attention, I would find someone who would be nice to me for a few hours, a couple of days a week.

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