Dating adverts on tv

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The social network is developing advanced new technologies that would let you type words “directly from your brain”.Its ambitious vision has caused widespread concern amongst privacy advocates, and the company has refused to confirm or deny if it will use people’s thoughts to sell ads.

I find most car insurance,, bank/building society adverts highly irritating! ) advert when they sing that cringe worth song, urgh! Didnt you want an Evil Knieval Stunt Cycle from seeing it on TV as a kid, I know I did. ........,but i reckon barry scott,aka cillit bang will become a cult figure,if not on tv,then in cleaning product history.totally agree on the Picture Loans ad, oh how it saps the will to live from my old body....... a bit naff, very gawdy but god damn cheap insurance premiums, Woo Hoo!

Some of the dating TV ads may be from abroad but since they were aired in the UK as well, we added them here.

Facebook may be planning to use people’s thoughts for advertising purposes.

That hair dye ad with Davina Mc Call supposedly on the phone to her mam dumb do they think people are?

I'll watch some more TV & be back, tolerant soul that I am Have to agree with most of them so far.

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