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It forms the basis of modern privacy laws and practices around the world.

All organizations that collect and use personal data of individuals must accommodate the legitimate interests of these individuals.

so we are of course FOR protecting ladies but we are against IMBRA.

IMBRA is a bad law designed by feminists to prevent US men from meeting foreign women, not protecting women at all.

A niche blog dedicated to the issues that arise when supplementary protection certificates (SPCs) extend patents beyond their normal life -- and to the respective positions of patent owners, investors, competitors and consumers.

The blog also addresses wider issues that may be of interest or use to those involved in the extension of patent rights.

The paper advocates a “user-centric” approach to managing personal data online.

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The paper describes typical “Web 2.0” use scenarios, suggests some technology building blocks to protect and promote informational privacy online, and concludes with a call to develop a privacy-respective information technology ecosystem for identity management.

Specifically, the paper outlines four fundamental technological approaches to help assure widespread and enduring online participation, confidence and trust in the information society.

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