Dating hare krishna devotee

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I'm not a Krishna devotee by any stretch of the imganination nor do I chant anything expect when I pray which goes something like "please help me" but I find that when I play music that does the Hari Krishna chant or even chant/sing it myself I do feel really good which its supposed to do.

I became enthralled very quickly, and a few weeks after starting trying to chant in earnest, meaning 4 rounds a day, because this was all this guru expected, not the usual 16, a maharaj came over to Ireland where I'm from.

No drugs, no liquor, not even coffee, tea, or cigarettes.

Even if you just play for the sake of playing, gambling pulls the mind away from thinking about the real purpose of life.

I mean I get an overall peaceful feeling and the vibe where I am seems to change. They can be complete maniacs and I just start a little Hari Krishna tune and they chill.

Plus its really fun to work into just about any piece of music and can take many forms.

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