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After 1865 cobalt blue was no longer in use; and overglaze enamel colours were used exclusively. By the1870's most figures were produced in white, and a less expensive form of gilding was introduced, which was painted on after firing which made it a much cheaper method of production.The gilding used is also a good guide to dating; the early form of gilding is called "best gold", a softly coloured gold, applied at the same time as the overglaze enamels; later gilding, "bright gold", is harsher and shinier. Flatback Staffordshire figures crowned their fireplace mantels; transferware dishes lined plate racks and sideboards in their large dining rooms.

) For many people, vanilla may the key for eliminating headaches.One neighbour, a middle-aged man who asked not to be named, said he realised they had gone after going round to investigate why the door of their garden shed was 'constantly banging'.He said: 'All I could hear was the door of the shed banging so I went to shut it.Did you know that you can be a Christian, and believe that the earth is billions of years old?You can even believe in evolution and be a Christian.

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