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MORE: 10 Signs You Know It’s Really Love And most importantly – you don’t mind at all.It doesn’t even seem like a pain to reshuffle your whole life to carve out an hour to spend with him.You’ll drive an hour out of your way just to see him.Or you’ll change around your entire schedule just so you can find 30 minutes to have coffee with him.All uncertainty would vanish, and all questions of emotional compatibility would be rendered moot. In reality, it often takes time and effort to know what you want and with whom you want to share it.Falling in love is not a “one-size-fits-all” proposition.

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How to know if you are not in love While the emotion of falling in love is intense and blissful, the emotions of falling out of love can be just as intense.

Love that is neglected can take on a shade of hate and anger, and eventually take a turn for the worse.

It can be stopped though, but when you reach a stage where you question your own love, you do need a lot of work and effort to bring the romance back in the air.

Be careful not to inadvertently mislead him while you make up your mind. While you continue to say yes to opportunities to spend time together, he can also sense your reserve and indecision. If he’s head over heels while your feet are still firmly planted on the ground, try to identify what it is about him that makes you feel unsure. If you’ve given your emotions plenty of time to catch up with his, but still feel no nearer to the spark you’ve waited for, do both of you a big favor and say so—sooner rather than later.

To him, dating becomes an unfair guessing game in which he is never sure of the right answers. Romantic compatibility can seem like a mysterious force of nature, like lightning—inscrutable and unpredictable. Analyzing the reasons for your hesitation may help you predict whether or not you’re likely to warm up over time. Yes, it’s awkward, but it’ll be much more so down the road if he feels you’ve led him on, knowing it was a dead-end. You’ll set yourself—and him—free to try again with someone new.

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