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Mc Clurkin served as an assistant to Winans for over a decade.In 1991, a sharp pain and swelling, followed by internal bleeding led, he says, to his being diagnosed as having leukemia.

For those who don’t know, Yolanda and Donnie have been good friends for roughly 3 decades, so imagine how awkward these rumors must be.Two of his sisters dealt with substance abuse problems, and that's when the young Mc Clurkin found solace in his going to a church; and, also through an aunt of his who sang background vocals with gospel music musician, Andraé Crouch.By the time that he was a teenager, he had formed the Mc Clurkin Singers, and later he formed another group, the New York Restoration Choir."Yolanda and I have been friends for almost 30 years and I tried to date her once.We are best friends," he told Essence magazine last year. Either her or Halle Berry, one of the two." Mc Clurkin is a single father to a daughter and son, who he believes taught him the true meaning of love.

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