Drag queen dating

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In honor of Sarah’s first performance, they created a “Queens on Wheels” night.One queen was on roller skates and another was on a scooter.

Fellow contestant Bob the Drag Queen then responded to the camera, “I don’t think Kim Chi knows what she looks like.She’s still a virgin because she’s not aware that she’s a good-looking, 6-foot-4 man.” During the season finale, a fan asked Kim Chi which member of the Pit Crew — Ru Paul’s scantily clad, hunky assistants — she’d most like to lose her virginity to.“None,” she flatly replied, because she didn’t want to “catch anything.” “People said I was STD-shaming,” she says. I was just trying to make a joke out of it,” she says.Upon joining the show, she became "the first Korean drag queen to be featured on American national television." Eventually, Kim Chi made it to the top three along with Naomi Smalls, but lost the title to Bob the Drag Queen.During the finale, she lip synced a song specifically made for her called "Fat, Fem, & Asian", which was a commentary on dating stereotypes in the gay dating world.

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