Filterset g not updating

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Hey, I just disabled adblock extension, and then tried Gizmodo again, and it displayed properly.

Lifehacker and consumerist is also having the same display problems.

Hey all, Upgraded to FF3 and I'm having problems displaying Gizmodo -- any of the related "Gawker Media Network" branded sites; Lifehacker, io9, etc..). I could not re-duplicate problem again in the short time I tried.

Is anyone else having problems to get the website to display correctly? So I do not know if disabling adblock and Gizmodo working was a coincidence. AB hasn't been updated for FF3, AB works just fine.

The "Block all embedded objects" preference is set to "Yes" by default, causing embedded media normally handled by plugins to disappear, including Flash content. May cause redirected searches, failed keyword searches and/or the "File not found" error, Firefox can't find the file at jar:file:///C:/Program Files/Mozilla Firefox/chrome/en-US.jar!

/locale/browser-region/ May cause "New Tab" button and "Ctrl T" to fail. May need to uninstall via Windows Control Panel (see Uninstalling toolbars).

I've cleared the cache, done a Shift Reload to bypass the cache, etc. I haven't seen anything close to the mucked-up disaster like in the pictures you've posted.

As Firefox continues to grow in popularity, it is inevitable that more and more users will install plugins such as Adblock and Adblock Plus.

As we know, such extensions work by filtering site contents through a list of predefined wildcard directives and other rules.

Users may also customize the block-list by right-clicking on unwanted images or even subscribing to an automated filterset updater .

Apparently, a significant number of Firefox users employ these extensions to help control the relentless flood of unwanted advertising around the Internet.

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