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But can we please stop telling women to be someone they’re not, just to snag a man? I’ve stayed ME during all my interactions with potential suitors, and I found one to marry.

I wasn’t the right person for other men, and that’s okay. But while most people deserve common courtesy and respect, women are not automatically entitled to an independently-wealthy man who is tall, dark, and handsome and who checks off every single one of your itemized demands.

It mostly comes from shortsighted anecdotes about their own personal experiences and what worked and didn’t work for them.

Sometimes, we hear this advice so often we begin to believe it’s true, and we may even start doling it out ourselves.

Let him make all he moves so you can tell how interested he is.

If you act like you're not interested, how is he supposed to know you're interested? Source: Shutter Stock Sage Of The Wise Male: The idea that men would never date someone they slept with first, so you have to make sure to hold off. Source: Shutter Stock makesmecringe: They're unwilling to point out their friend's faults at the risk of hurting their feelings.

One of my best friends is currently engaged to a guy who she slept with on their first date. This isn't really advice women give, it's just something women do.

We tend to avoid telling our friends what they're doing wrong because we don't want to start a fight.

Sadly, much of the horrible dating advice we receive today is also peddled by our well-intentioned family members or close friends.So clearly something was wrong with me since I couldn’t land a man, and thus I needed all this bad dating advice… I’m pretty sure if I had followed any of the advice thrown at me (and now rampant throughout the blogosphere), I’d either be in a convent by now or stuck in a miserable marriage.With any luck, you are not peddling this bad relationship advice.However, taken to the extreme, this reverse psychology approach (of sticking your head in the sand yet expecting to find a serious relationship) is an oxymoron at best.Much of what we long for in life in discovering a fulfilling vocation, experiencing God and even meeting our future spouse requires effort on our part as well as reliance on God’s guidance. “Just Follow Your Heart.” Usually, what people mean when they encourage you to “follow your heart” is to not overanalyze the relationship (or the person), but to follow your feelings, wants and desires instead. Feelings like physical attraction, happiness and even infatuation will occur, and they should be enjoyed while they last.

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