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Blue Collar TV is a television program that aired on The WB with lead actors Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, and Larry the Cable Guy.

The show's humor dealt principally with contemporary American society, and especially hillbilly, redneck, and Southern stereotypes.

Unfortunately, in Scotland his words will be judged not for what they said but about who said them.

That’s because he’s a Tory; and you have to hear that ‘T-word’ uttered with all the venom that normally accompanies it in this part of the world to understand the point.

The three of them, all former tennis stars themselves (Carillo never rose very high in the rankings, but did do well playing mixed doubles with her childhood friend John Mc Enroe), sat in a booth at the All England Club commentating on statistics, rules, rackets, and court conditions for hours every day.

They proclaimed Venus and Serena Williams would be the next big thing in tennis, and debated about who was the better athlete.

The Larry character has a stereotypical redneck appearance and a thick Southern accent, recounts stories about his "family", and uses, among other common expressions, his own catchphrase "Git-R-Done! He says in interviews and in his autobiographical book GIT-R-DONE that he deliberately "turns on" the accent both on and off stage, because he may forget it if he kept his normal accent intact.However, it’s not his job to – or at least not just his job – to revitalise the Conservative cause north of the border.For the next seven months until the Scottish Parliament elections next May the principal responsibility for that lies with Ruth Davidson.For 25 years, HBO aired the oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament in the world, The Championships, Wimbledon.For the last of those years, from 1996 to 1999, I planted myself in front of the television to watch as much as I could of HBO’s coverage of grass court tennis.

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