Gravatar image not updating dating silvertone amp

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You can see that the image here:

v=3&s=460 is still the old image, whereas this is the new image (just without the parameters) It is happening here too.

I think the problem is that when a person changes their gravatar image, it doesn't change the gravatar URL, so Discourse has no way of knowing that the avatar has changed.

If a person wants their updated gravatar image to be used on Discourse, they need to go to their profile and edit their avatar.

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I have SSO setup with Word Press and have the SSO Avatar override setting set on discourse so that it uses the avatar URL from my Word Press site.

You can see the raw data for your profile here: reveals the following: changed on the settings page - not only next to the "upload new picture" button, but also in the topbar.

Nowhere else on the site except on the settings page is the topbar image changed.

Here are some examples of how we display avatars on Word Gravatar information also appears in Hovercards, which show when people mouse over the avatar image shown in comments and other places.When a gravatar is changed, other users will only notice it if they clear their cache.Therefore, Gravatar changes can go unnoticed for a very long time because people don't usually clear their cache.There is an option there to refresh the gravatar image. This works on a live site, I haven't been able to get it working in my development environment. Once you configure your avatar, you’ll see it when you comment on blogs, when you post to the forums, and with any post displayed in Word’s community features.

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