Im validating my raid spot

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Learn how to set up a Hadoop cluster in a way that maximizes successful production-ization of Hadoop and minimizes ongoing, long-term adjustments.Previously, we published some recommendations on selecting new hardware for Apache Hadoop deployments.#showtooltip Bloodlust/cast Bloodlust/y I'M VALIDATING MY RAID SPOT/in 32 /y Feel free to replace the shaman in.../in 35 /y 5/in 36 /y 4/in 37 /y 3/in 38 /y 2/in 39 /y 1/in 40 /me has been removed from the group.I'm new posting here but the community have been my best resource on my projects so far. EC2 instance and reservation IDs, and volume and snapshot IDs for EBS and Storage Gateway, are changing to a longer format.The transition to longer instance and reservation IDs started in January 2016 and will last through early December 2016, and the transition to longer volume and snapshot IDs started in April 2016 and will last through early December 2016.I'm a dumb/dummy Mysql "wanna be" and I'm in the middle of a project that is making me go mad.

Visit the AWS Blog for a step-by-step overview of how to opt in to longer IDs.My duty is to use these paired values to implement an advanced group search.Here is the original table: -------------------------------------------- id | group_id | meta_key | meta_value -------------------------------------------- 1 | 1 | time-zone | Kwajalein 2 | 1 | playstyle | hardcore 3 | 1 | recruiting-status | Open 4 | 1 | ilvl | 115 5 | 1 | main-raid | Final Coil of Bahamut 6 | 1 | voicechat | fc.teamspeak3SELECT distinct group_id AS 'gid', IF(meta_key='recruiting-status',meta_value,'') AS 'Recruitment', IF(meta_key='server',meta_value,'') AS 'server', IF(meta_key='time-zone',meta_value,'') AS 'tzone', IF(meta_key='main-raid',meta_value,'') AS 'raid', IF(meta_key='raid-days',meta_value,'') AS 'days', IF(meta_key='playstyle',meta_value,'') AS 'playstyle', IF(meta_key='raid-progression',meta_value,'') AS 'progression', IF(meta_key='raid-time',meta_value,'') AS 'time', IF(meta_key='tanker-spot',meta_value,'') AS 'tank', IF(meta_key='healer-spot',meta_value,'') AS 'healer', IF(meta_key='melee-dps-spot',meta_value,'') AS 'melee', IF(meta_key='ranged-dps-spot',meta_value,'') AS 'ranged', IF(meta_key='magic-dps-spot',meta_value,'') AS 'magic', IF(meta_key='ilvl',meta_value,'') AS 'ilvl', IF(meta_key='voicechat',meta_value,'') AS 'voice', IF(meta_key='voicechatpass',meta_value,'') AS 'voicep', FROM wpstatic_bp_groups_groupmeta SELECT group_id AS gid, MAX(IF(meta_key='recruiting-status',meta_value,'')) AS 'Recruitment', MAX(IF(meta_key='server',meta_value,'')) AS 'server', ...In fact, for almost all things computing, ECC is a better choice.Even more so for any ZFS filesystem like Free NAS uses, bad RAM in ZFS could potentially do more than just corrupt a file or two, it could — and has — render the pool unmountable.

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