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Jack and Jill "won" all 10 Golden Raspberry Awards for 2011, breaking Battlefield Earth Homemade videos show fraternal twins Jack and Jill Sadelstein growing up in New York City.Jack is the gifted twin, while Jill constantly tries—and fails miserably—to get his attention by injuring him and/or driving others away from him.When very ugly Jill, who’s single, lonely, and in her forties, comes to visit her twin brother’s family at Thanksgiving in Los Angeles, it’s supposed to be for four days.

(BB, C, LL, V, S, N, A, D, MM) Strong moral, pro-family worldview about two twins who don’t get along, including woman talking to her niece and nephew implies you need to get married before you can have children, with redemptive elements of forgiveness at the end and references to Christian and Hanukkah, plus an atheist is mocked for his disbelief, mitigated by some toilet humor and slightly rough slapstick comedy; three obscenities (one “d” word and two “h” words) and 16 light exclamatory profanities such as Oh God and My God, plus toilet scatological humor includes man is surprised while shaving that his sister is on the toilet, toddlers pass gas in tub, twins pass gas in one shot while at movie theater, twins scratch themselves sitting in movie theater, woman pass lots of gas after eating Mexican food and Mexican guy mentions he was going to say something important to her when she was passing “a couple chimichanga bombs”; slapstick comedy violence includes woman riding jet ski in pool flies jet ski into nearby parasol over table, woman accidentally knocks herself out while spinning the big wheel on PRICE IS RIGHT, boy punches aunt, man and woman tussle, woman breaks bottle and threatens man with it, woman sits on pony and collapses its legs, man knocks woman down with somewhat heavy wooden chair, woman falls down hard while playing soccer, woman punches rude insulting woman, brief fight in dinner nightclub; no sex scenes but very light innuendo when man lies on computer dating site to get men to write to his twin sister, cross-dressing and man takes woman to his large home and tries to get her alone another time, plus married couple lie in bed and woman goes out on a date; upper male nudity and some female cleavage; alcohol use; brief smoking; and, brother says mean things to his awkward twin sister several times, man dresses up as his twin sister so he can convince Al Pacino to do his Dunkin’ Donuts commercial, male bathroom attendant sees man dressed up as his twin sister and adjusts the melons he has under the bosom but gets punched when he tries to do the same thing to the real sister, Jack lies on computer dating site to help his twin sister get a date, man hides from woman when she goes looking for him in restaurant bathroom, references about converting to Judaism, and rude woman is clearly David Spade posing as the female title character’s long-time rival.

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Ultimately, Jill learns to value herself through the attentions of Pacino and Jack’s Mexican gardener, Felipe.

Meanwhile, Pacino and Jack’s wife convince Jack to seek reconciliation with his sister.

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