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(: Readers are welcome to weigh in on this matter below after viewing this immortal clip of Nicholson flirting with a 22-year-old Jennifer Lawrence earlier this year.)Perhaps the most depressing statement made from the aging charmer: “There were points in my life when I felt oddly irresistible to women.

I’m not in that state now, which makes me sad.” Amazingly, his indicator for “too old” is not related to the year on his birth certificate, but to T.

On the rare occasions he is seen out in town, such as at a recent exhibition of Rolling Stones photography, he does his best not to draw attention so he can be left alone. Living just half a mile down the road, actor Harry Dean Stanton — Nicholson’s former housemate and another relic of Seventies Hollywood excess — told me this week that his old buddy had become a virtual recluse and had taken up painting.

Nicholson, now 77, has even cut himself off from perhaps his greatest joy in life — going to watch his basketball team.

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His parties were long associated with copious drug use and the easy availability of young women.For example, after receiving the Cecil B De Mille Lifetime Achievement Award in 1999 he pretended to moon the audience.In 2003, while accepting the award for best actor in a drama for his role in About Schmidt, the clearly inebriated Nicholson began by complimenting Nicole Kidman's "old nose" (a reference to the fake nose she sported in The Hours) and concluded with an admission that he had popped a Valium before the show started.For years, he was the only celebrity who had the honour of a front row seat at home games of the LA Lakers.This week, it was made clear just how much the years have caught up with Jack the Lad.

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