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Whether it may be mutual friends or a similar project they had been working on together and their love just blossomed.However, here at J-14, we've thought about some celeb couples of the past and some of the present that the world just never saw coming.His hobbies and interests while growing up included cars, bowling, soccer, competing in triathlons, playing guitar, song writing, basketball, and rock climbing.At a young age, he was very confident that he would never turn to drugs, alcohol, or other ways young actors ruin their careers, claiming, "it’s not even just about the fact that it’s morally wrong ...A Sydney news anchor assumed that Hudgens and Hutcherson were still dating, and they had to inform him that they were no longer together. At the time of the above interview, Vanessa Hudgens was dating star Austin Butler.

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His mother, Michelle, is a former Delta Air Lines employee who now assists Josh. Josh's passion for entertaining people began developing at the age of three.PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Josh Hutcherson “This is him now. I have 2 now and they’re amazing,” Josh recently tweeted with an adorable photo of a dog, which you cans see below.It's usually a little bit of a shock when the media first gets wind of a new celebrity couple but after some research fans usually realize that these two have had some sort of connection for awhile.From the most recent romantic shocker with Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston to a couple you may not even remember – Josh Hutcherson and Vanessa Hudgens.Some of these couples dated for awhile and others may have just gone to dinner once and called it quits after the chemistry just wasn't there.

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