Mandating employer paid health coverage

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Proponents of these mandates argue that they could significantly reduce the ranks of the uninsured, since the vast majority of the unin-sured-over 70 percent, according to a recent Kaiser Family Foundation study-are in families with at least one full-time worker.

A: An “employer mandate” An “employer mandate” is a requirement that most employers provide and contribute to the cost of health insurance for their employees. A: In today’s market, most health insurance coverage is provided by employers.

The measure requires that all residents and most employers participate in the health insurance system.

It also contains strategies to make coverage more available and affordable for those now uninsured.

Thus, the employer mandate is another mechanism that can create pressure to keep health care costs as low as possible.

The mandate is also a means of ensuring that employers that offer employee coverage currently do not “dump” their employees into the Exchange, or if they do, that the additional cost imposed on the federal government is repaid.

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