Maria antonia sanchez lorenzo dating

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A dead ringer for Seann William Scott and future hall of famer, no wonder he was popular.Former squeezes included the actress Mandy Moore, who met after Moore invited Roddick to the set of her film “How to Deal,” and immediately hit it off.”He had a wonderful sense of humor. That’s a big thing for me because I’m almost 5’10, so I need someone tall,” said Moore to ‘People’ magazine.Another derivation is from means "tongue", "lip", or "extremity", and might thus have been applied to the extreme southwestern region of Europe.The Spanish Peninsula has also been called the Iberian, from its original inhabitants, and (by synecdoche) the Pyrenean, from the mountains which bound it on the north.Its four extreme points are: on the north, the Estaca de Vares, in N. 43° 47' 32"; on the south, the southern extremity of the Island of Tarifa, in S. 35° 59' 49"; on the east, Cape Creus, in longitude 3 ° 20' 16" E.of Greenwich, on the west, Cape Tirinana, in longitude 9° 17' 33" W. The total area of the Spanish territory in the Peninsula is 194,563 square miles, with a coast line of 2060 miles in length.MANILA, Philippines – The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) announces that 5,036 out of 10,972 passed the Civil Engineer Licensure Examination given by the Board of Civil Engineering in the cities of Manila, Baguio, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Legazpi, Lucena, Tacloban and Zamboanga this November 2016.

) and with his best buddy Vitas Gerulaitis, raised hell on the tennis circuit. Becker retired from professional tennis to become a professional playboy.

Measuring the “Success” of Marriage Preparation Programs: Is there a Correlation between Couples’ Perceived Satisfaction with Formal Programs of Marriage Preparations and their Later Satisfaction within Marriage?

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Sixto Married Margarita Romero Date: Martin, Jesus Maria Married Maria Josepha Garcia Date: Martin, Jose Married Juana Maria Garcia Date: Martin, Jose Married Lucia Arellano Date: Martin, Jose Bonifacio Married Maria Altagracia Rael Date: Martin, Jose Desiderio Married Maria Espinosa Date: Martin, Jose Francisco Married Victoria Pacheco Date: Martin, Jose Gregorio Married Maria Guadalupe Valdez Date: Martin, Jose Manuel Married Maria Paula Vigil Date: 1852 Martin, Jose Manuel Married Maria Antonia Arellano Date: Martin, Jose Maria Married Maria Guadalupe Gonsales Date: Martin, Jose Maria Married Maria Abelina Portuais Date: Martin, Jose Miguel Married Maria Magdalena Cordova Date: Martin, Jose Santiago Married Maria Ignacia Alires Date: Martin, Josefa Married Jose Teofilo Bustos Date: Martin, Josefa Married Jose Francisco Romero Date: Martin, Juan Bautista Married Brigida Garcia Date: Martin, Juan Del Carmel Married Maria Gregoria De Herrera Date: Martin, Julian Married Maria Josepha Garcia Date: Martin, Luis Maria Married Maria Lucia Martin Date: Martin, Manuel Antonio Married Maria Martina Martinez Date: Martin, Maria Guadalupe Married Francisco Antonio Apodaca Date: Martin, Maria Librada Married Juan De Jesus Medina Date: Martin, Maria Lucia Married Luis Maria Martin Date: Martin, Maria Perfecta Married Victor Sanchez Date: Martin, Maria Rafaela Married Jose Benito Marques Date: 1852 Martin, Maria Theodora Married Incarnacion Lucero Date: Martin, Ricardo Married Estefana Medina Date: Martin, Vicente Married Maria Nicolasa Padilla Date: Martin, Vidal Married Maria De Jesus Roival Date: Martines, Jose Nestor Married Maria Alvina Trugillo Date: Martines, Jose Ygnacio Married Maria Ygnacia Garcia Date: Martines, Josepha Married Gabriel Gayegos Date: Martines, Maria Antonia Married Pedro Antonio Salazar Date: Martines, Maria Cecilio Married Benito Sandoval Date: Martines, Maria Del Refugio Married Juan Antonio Bernal Date: Martines, Maria Dolores Married Jose Albino Naranjo Date: Martines, Maria Josefa Married Miguel Mestas Date: Martines, Maria Josefa Facunda Married Juaquin Sanches Date: Martines, Maria Juana Catarina Married Pedro Gonsales Date: Martines, Maria Juliana Married Antonio Gonsales Date: Martines, Maria Lionisia Married Jose Mauricio Romero Date: Martines, Maria Loreta Married Jesus Maria De Errera Date: Martines, Maria Lugarda Married Jose Roman Espinosa Date: Martines, Maria Manuela Married Rafael Jaramillo Date: Martines, Maria Manuela Married Jose Gabriel Chaves Date: Martines, Maria Patrocinia Married Jose De La Cruz Narango Date: Martines, Maria Ygnacia Married Jose Marcos Montoya Date: Martines, Mariana Married Rafael Antonio Jaramillo Date: Martines, Maximiano Married Maria Dolores Lobato Date: Martines, Teodoro Married Maria Antonia De Herrera Date: Martinez, Jose Married Maria Teodora Lucero Date: Martinez, Jose Consepcion Married Maria De La Cruz Maes Date: Martinez, Jose Eugenio Married Hermenegilda Cordova Date: Martinez, Jose Francisco Married Maria Tomasa Valdez Date: Martinez, Jose Francisco Married Maria Teofila Salazar Date: Martinez, Jose Ignacio Married Paula Romero Date: Martinez, Jose Luciano Married Maria Antonio Ariano Date: Martinez, Jose Maria Married Maria Alvina Maes Date: Martinez, Jose Pablo Married Maria Librada Suaso Date: Martinez, Jose Pablo Married Maria Leonora Roival Date: Martinez, Juan Augustin Married Maria Asencion Vigil Date: Martinez, Juan Bautista Married Maria Luteria Rael Date: Martinez, Juan Bautista Married Maria Catalina Valdez Date: Martinez, Juliana Married Jose Ruperto Garcia Date: Martinez, Lorenza Married Nieves Analla Date: Martinez, Manuel Cristoval Married Maria De La Luz Archuleta Date: Martinez, Maria Aneceta Married Jose De Jesus Valdez Date: Martinez, Maria Antonia Married Jose Miguel De Errera Date: Martinez, Maria Bartola Married Jacinto Apodaco Date: Martinez, Maria Clara Married Telesforo Gallegos Date: Martinez, Maria Dolores Married Salvador Salazar Date: Martinez, Maria Dolores Married Salvador Sierra Date: Martinez, Maria Dolores Married Amador Trugillo Date: Martinez, Maria Juana Married Victor Cordova Date: Martinez, Maria Martina Married Manuel Antonio Martin Date: Martinez, Maria Pabla Married Miguel Antonio Bayejos Date: Martinez, Maria Petra Married Francisco Archuleta Date: Martinez, Maria Refugio Married Tomas Romero Date: Martinez, Maria Rufina Married Polito Montolla Date: Martinez, Miguel Antonio Married Maria Rosa Ariano Date: Martinez, Paula Married Juan Aragon Date: Mc Sorley, Margaret Married Rudolph Fernando Cordoba Date: Mc Sweeny, Eugene Married Mary Dimon Date: Medina, Estefana Married Ricardo Martin Date: Medina, Jose De Leon Married Maria Rita Romero Date: Medina, Jose Manuel Married Maria De La Cruz Romero Date: Medina, Jose Ramon Married Maria Rufina Chaves Date: Medina, Jose Sabino Married Juana Maria Salasar Date: Medina, Josefa Hipolyta Married Antonio Jose Maes Date: Medina, Juan Bautista Medina Married Maria Manuela Pacheco Date: Medina, Juan De Jesus Married Maria Librada Martin Date: Medina, Juan Del Carmel Married Maria Dionicia Trugeque Date: Medina, Maria Agapita Married Jose Crescencio Jiron Date: Medina, Maria Cayetana Married Jose Jacinto Gonzalez Date: Sep 1860 Medina, Maria Clarita Married Jose Ignacio Arellano Date: Medina, Maria Dolores Married Frederick Schoerner Date: Medina, Maria Dolores Married Albino Casados Date: Medina, Maria Feliciana Married Jose Miguel Romero Date: Medina, Maria Lucaria Married Jose Concepsion Chavez Date: Medina, Maria Marta Married Pedro Romero Date: Medina, Maria Matiana Married Henry Phillips Date: Medina, Maria Pabla Married Manuel Esteban Trugillo Date: Medina, Maria Paula Married Francisco De Aquino Padilla Date: Medina, Maria Raphaela Married Jose Miguel Cordoba Date: Medina, Maria Secilia Married Ygnacio De Loyola Ortega Date: Medina, Maria Ysabel Married Bernardo Maes Date: Medina, Pedro Nolasco Married Maria Antonia Archuleta Date: Medina, Phelipe Santiago Married Maria Del Refugio Gonsales Date: Mestas, Jose De Gracia Married Maria Ruperta Sisneros Date: Mestas, Jose De Jesus Married Maria Juana Maes Date: Mestas, Jose Marcos Married Maria Antonia Gomes Date: Mestas, Manuel Married Maria Nicolas Romero Date: Mestas, Maria Escipula Married Jose Perfecto Lucero Date: Mestas, Maria Geronima Married Antonio Domingo Lopes Date: Mestas, Maria Ignacia Married John Owen Byrne Date: Mestas, Maria Rosa Mestas Married Jose Agustin Fernandes Date: Miranda, Maria Petra Married Julio Ortiz Date: Molina, Santa_Anna Married Maria De Los Angeles Mes Date: Molla, Juan Andres Married Anna Maria Madril Date: Molla, Maria Incarnacion Velarde Y Married Pablo Archuleta Date: Molla, Maria Manuela Married Manuel Garcia Date: Mondragon, Antonio Abad Married Catarina De La Cruz Manzanares Date: Mondragon, Francisco Nicanor Married Juana Maria Sanchez Date: Mondragon, Manuel Sabino Married Maria Dolores Ortis Date: Mondragon, Maria Incarnacion Married Jose Romualdo Valdez Date: Montes, Blas Married Maria Rosalia Date: Montes, Maria De Jesus Married Jose De Gracia Lobato Date: Montes, Maria Francisca Married Jose Thomas Espinosa Date: Montolla, Jose Francisco Married Maria Incarnacion Vigil Date: Montolla, Juan Agustin Married Viviana Beaubien Date: Montolla, Maria Angeles Married Francisco Jabier Lovato Date: Montolla, Maria De Gracia Married Jose Rafael Gonzalez Date: Montolla, Polito Married Maria Rufina Martinez Date: Montoya, Agapito Married Maria De La Luz De Herrera Date: Montoya, Jose De La Crus Married Maria Ramona Garcia Date: Montoya, Jose Francisco Married Maria Dorotea Valdez Date: Montoya, Jose Marcos Married Maria Ygnacia Martines Date: Montoya, Julian Married Maria Ygnasia Sandoval Date: Montoya, Maria De Gracia Married Antonio Jose Romero Date: Montoya, Maria Jacinta Married Antonio Juan Cordoba Date: Montoya, Santos_Saint Married Maria Paula Lucero Date: Moran, Jose Antonio Married Maria Rufina Valdez Date: Nov 1858 Moran, Juana Maria Rufina Married Emigdio De Errera Date: Moran, Maria Dolores Married Antonio Jose Lucero Date: Moran, Maria Valentina Married Antonio Maria Cruz Date: Munos, Maria De Los Angeles Married Salvador Quintana Date: Naranjo, Jose Albino Married Maria Dolores Martines Date: Naranjo, Jose De La Cruz Married Maria Patrocinia Martines Date: Naranjo, Maria Manuela Married Noverto Marques Date: Newton, Maria Pacifica Married Stephen Erving Sterrett Date: Neylon, Mary Married James Clark Date: Olguin, Maria Manuel Married Tomas Gallegos Date: Olivas, Benigna Married Desiderio Cruz Date: Ortega, Francisca Married Manuel Arellano Date: Ortega, Jose Francisco Married Maria Bonifacia Valdes Date: Ortega, Jose Francisco Married Maria Bonifacia Valdes Date: Jun 1853 Ortega, Maria De La Luz Married Francisco Antonio Atencion Date: Ortega, Ygnacio De Loyola Married Maria Secilia Medina Date: Ortibi, Jose Manuel Married Maria Guadalupe Gallegos Date: Ortiz, Jose Antonio Married Ana Maria Quintana Date: Ortiz, Jose Encarnacion Married Peregrina Sanchez Date: Ortiz, Julio Married Maria Petra Miranda Date: Ortiz, Maria Dolores Married Manuel Sabino Mondragon Date: Ortiz, Trinidad Married Maria Incarnacion Velarde Date: Apr 1860 Pacheco, Gregoria Married Juan De Jesus Romero Date: Pacheco, Jose De La Cruz Married Maria De Altagracia Marques Date: Pacheco, Jose Leonicio Married Maria Lucia Vialpando Date: Pacheco, Jose Miguel Married Maria Manuela Gallegos Date: Pacheco, Jose Nasario Married Maria Michaela Garcia Date: Pacheco, Maria Crysanta Married Jose Casimir De Herrera Date: Nov 1861 Pacheco, Maria Francisca Married Manuel Casaos Date: Pacheco, Maria Guadalupe Married Jose Tomas Vigil Date: Pacheco, Maria Manuela Married Juan Bautista Medina Date: Pacheco, Maria Vicenta Married Severo Rendon Date: Pacheco, Paulin Married Maria Teresa Sanchez Date: Pacheco, Rafael Married Maria Soledad Duran Date: Pacheco, Victoria Married Jose Francisco Martin Date: Padia, Baltasar Married Maria Benina Crus Date: Padia, Juana Ramona Married Jose Gabino Vialpando Date: Padia, Julio Married Maria De La Lus Samora Date: Padia, Maria Dolores Married Albino Sanchez Date: Padia, Maria Juana Pomucena Married Diego Antonio Sandoval Date: Padilla, Epimenio Married Maria Candelaria Romero Date: Padilla, Francisco De Aquino Married Maria Paula Medina Date: Padilla, Jose Manuel Married Maria Asension Vigil Date: Padilla, Jose Monico Married Rafaela Lucero Date: Padilla, Maria Domicienda Married Juan De La Cruz Duran Date: Padilla, Maria Eugenia Married Ramon Varos Date: Padilla, Maria Eugenia Married Antonio Sanches Date: Padilla, Maria Leonora Married Juan Cristobal Garcia Date: Padilla, Maria Nicolasa Married Vicente Martin Date: Padilla, Ysabel Married Jose Francisco Pineda Date: Pando, Jose Agapito Married Victoria Cordoba Date: Pando, Maria Antonia Married Juan Eugenio Lucero Date: Pando, Petra Married Jose De La Yncarnacion Sandoval Date: Pequet, Francisco Antonio Married Diluvina Gutierres Date: Phillips, Henry Married Maria Matiana Medina Date: Pineda, Jose Francisco Married Ysabel Padilla Date: Pineda, Pedro Married Maria Gregoria Duran Date: Portuais, Maria Abelina Married Jose Maria Martin Date: Quintana, Ana Maria Married Jose Antonio Ortis Date: Quintana, Antonio Married Maria Loreta Duran Date: Quintana, Francisco Married Maria Ascencion Bernal Date: Quintana, Jose Antonio Married Maria Salome De Herrera Date: 1852 Quintana, Jose Francisco Married Maria Francisca Giron Date: Quintana, Jose Miguel Married Maria Ygnacia Duran Date: Quintana, Jose Salome Married Agustina Brooks Date: Quintana, Juan Andres Married Rufina Garcia Date: Quintana, Juan Cristoval Married Maria Agapita Sandoval Date: Quintana, Juan De Jesus Married Maria Antonia Errera Date: Quintana, Juan Ramon Married Maria Salome Gallegos Date: Quintana, Manuel Antonio Married Maria Ruperta Garcia Date: Quintana, Maria Ignacia Married Jose Ramon Arellano Date: Quintana, Maria Josefa Married Jose Tircio Gallegos Date: 1852 Quintana, Maria Lorenza Married Jose Gabriel Vigil Date: Quintana, Maria Polonia Married Antonio Maria Trugillo Date: Quintana, Maria Rosa Married Jose Pablo Garcia Date: Quintana, Maria Rufina Married Jose Mateo Romero Date: Quintana, Salvador Married Maria De Los Angeles Munos Date: Rael, Maria Altagracia Married Jose Bonifacio Martin Date: Rael, Maria Luteria Married Juan Bautista Martinez Date: Rendon, Severo Married Maria Vicenta Pacheco Date: Rey, Francisco Married Maria Guadalupe Gonsales Date: Ribera, Jose Antonio Married Maria Josefa Cortes Date: Ribera, Juan Blas Married Maria Juana Vigil Date: Rivali, Maria Manuela Married Andres Garcia Date: Roibal, Maria Antonia Casimira Married Jose Luciano Salazar Date: Roival, Antonia Married Antonio Abad Martin Date: Roival, Felipe Enerio Married Maria Escipula Vigil Date: Roival, Maria De Jesus Married Vidal Martin Date: Roival, Maria Leonora Married Jose Pablo Martinez Date: Roival, Maria Rufina Married Jose Damian Bayejos Date: Romero, Ana Maria Married Marcelo Lovato Date: Romero, Anna Maria Married Santiago Gomes Date: Romero, Antonio Jose Married Maria De Gracia Montoya Date: Romero, Antonio Jose Married Maria Juliana Arellano Date: Romero, Jose Dolores Married Maria Antonia Fernandez Date: Romero, Jose Francisco Married Josefa Martin Date: Romero, Jose Mateo Married Maria Rufina Quintana Date: Romero, Jose Mauricio Married Maria Lionisia Martines Date: Romero, Jose Miguel Married Maria Feliciana Medina Date: Romero, Jose Tomas Married Maria Petra Garcia Date: Romero, Juan De Jesus Married Gregoria Pacheco Date: Romero, Margarita Married J.

, Maria Silveria Married Juan De Dios Vigil Date: Abeyta, Juan Jose Married Maria Dolores Bustos Date: Abeytia, Jose Casimiro Married Maria Felipe Cruz Cardenas Date: Abila, Jose Salvador Married Maria Benigna Manzanares Date: 1852 Abila, Maria Filomena Married Jose Deciderio Borrego Date: Abila, Maria Juanita Married Juan De Los Reyes Sanches Date: Agueyo, Jose Francisco Married Isabel Tafoya Date: Alire, Maria Agustina Married Jose Dolores Duran Date: Alires, Maria Ignacia Married Jose Santiago Martin Date: Alyre, Jesus Maria Married Paula Romero Date: Alyre, Juan Cristoval Married Maria Tomasa Vigil Date: Nov 1858 Analla, Antonio Married Alcaria Leblanc Date: Analla, Nieves Married Lorenza Martinez Date: Apodaca, Francisco Antonio Married Maria Guadalupe Martin Date: Apodaca, Jacinto Married Maria Bartola Martinez Date: Apodaca, Juan Antonio Married Rufina Barela Date: Aragon, Jose Felipe Married Viviana Valdez Date: Aragon, Jose Felipe Married Maria Del Rosario Duran Date: Aragon, Juan Married Maria Ignacia Garcia Date: Aragon, Juan Married Paula Martinez Date: Aragon, Juan De Jesus Married Maria Antonia Ysabel Garcia Date: Aragon, Maria Dolores Married Antonio Maria Gonsales Date: Archuleta, Antonio De Jesus Married Maria Nestora Gallegos Date: Archuleta, Felipe Tenorio Married Maria Rufina Vigil Date: Archuleta, Francisco Married Maria Petra Martinez Date: Archuleta, Jose Pablo Married Maria Josefa Santiestevan Date: Archuleta, Josefa Married Jose De La Cruz Vigil Date: Archuleta, Juan De Jesus Married Maria Deluvina Areyano Date: Archuleta, Maria Antonia Married Pedro Nolasco Medina Date: Archuleta, Maria De La Luz Married Manuel Cristoval Martinez Date: Archuleta, Maria Dolores Married Juan De Jesus Vigil Date: Archuleta, Maria Gertrudis Married Antonio De Jesus Vigil Date: Archuleta, Maria Norberta Married Jose Cornelio Lucero Date: Archuleta, Maria Ygnacia Married Jose Francisco Duran Date: Archuleta, Pablo Married Maria Incarnacion Velarde Y Molla Date: Archuleta, Severiana Married Manuel Antonio Gonzales Date: Archuleta, Teodora Married Jose Manuel Cerna Date: Archuleta, Tomas Married Maria Soledad Gonsales Date: Arellano, Jose Anastacio Married Maria Serafina Duran Date: Arellano, Jose Ignacio Married Maria Clarita Medina Date: Arellano, Jose Mariano Married Maria Albina Vigil Date: Arellano, Jose Ramon Married Maria Ignacia Quintana Date: Arellano, Juan Bautista Married Ramona Garcia Date: Arellano, Juan Domingo Married Maria Santaana Sandoval Date: Arellano, Juan Domingo Married Maria De La Concepcion Gonzales Date: Arellano, Juan Julian Married Desideria De Errera Date: Arellano, Juana Maria Married Jose Dolores Vigil Date: Arellano, Lucia Married Jose Martin Date: Arellano, Manuel Married Francisca Ortega Date: Arellano, Maria Antonia Married Jose Manuel Martin Date: Arellano, Maria Crespina Married Antonio Trugillo Date: Arellano, Maria Juliana Married Antonio Jose Romero Date: Arellano, Maria Peregrina Married Jose Luciano Sizneros Date: Arellano, Maria Rosa Married Agustin Lacome Date: Arellano, Santiago Married Rafaela Gallegos Date: Areyano, Jose Julian Married Maria Agapita Vigil Date: Areyano, Juan Nepomuseno Married Maria Rafaela Romero Date: 1852 Areyano, Maria Deluvina Married Juan De Jesus Archuleta Date: Ariano, Antonio Jose Married Maria Gregoria Bernal Date: Ariano, Juan Francisco Married Maria Dolores Santiestevan Date: Ariano, Maria Antonio Married Jose Luciano Martinez Date: Ariano, Maria Dorotea Married Mariano Cruz Date: Ariano, Maria Rosa Married Miguel Antonio Martinez Date: Ariano, Maria Stefana Married Jose Severo Santiestevan Date: Armijo, Juan Nepomuceno Married Maria Filomena Cordova Date: Atencio, Francisco Antonio Married Maria De La Luz Ortega Date: Atencio, Jose Antonio Married Maria Juana Valdes Date: 1855 Atencio, Jose Antonio Married Maria Juana Valdes Date: Apr 1855 Atencio, Jose Roman Married Juana Maria Cruz Duran Date: Atencio, Juan De Dios Married Josefa Garcia Date: Atencio, Maria Manuela Married Jose Francisco Gallegos Date: Atencio, Matias Married Maria Dolores Vigil Date: Atencio, Pedro Married Benigna Samora Date: Baca, Jose Santiago Married Maria Rita Tafolla Date: Bachicha, Juan Isidro Married Juliana Duran Date: Bachicha, Maria Antonia Married Jose De La Encarnacion Duran Date: Bachicha, Maria Paula Married Juan Bautista Tafoya Date: Baldonado, Jose Francisco Married Maria Juliana Salazar Date: Ballejos, Juan Felipe Married Maria De Jesus Gomez Date: Ballejos, Maria Rufina Married Jesus Gomes Date: Barela, Rufina Married Juan Antonio Apodaca Date: Barranca, Ysabel Married Felis Andres Garcia Date: Bayejos, Jose Damian Married Maria Rufina Roival Date: Bayejos, Maria Asencion Married Antonio Nerio Sisneros Date: Bayejos, Miguel Antonio Married Maria Pabla Martinez Date: Beaubien, Viviana Married Juan Agustin Montolla Date: Belasques, Maria Manuela Married Jose Ygnacio Chaves Date: Bernal, Juan Antonio Married Maria Del Refugio Martines Date: Bernal, Juana Maria Married Florentino Gallegos Date: Bernal, Maria Ascencion Married Francisco Quintana Date: Bernal, Maria Gregoria Married Antonio Jose Ariano Date: Bigil, Andrea Married Juan Gabriel Cordova Date: Borrego, Jose Deciderio Married Maria Filomena Abila Date: Borrego, Juan Jose Married Maria Antonia Sandoval Date: Borrego, Juan Jose Married Maria Antonia Sandoval Date: Brooks, Agustina Married Jose Salome Quintana Date: Bustos, Alejo Married Maria Mathiana Mes Date: Bustos, Jesus Maria Married Maria Manuela Mes Date: Bustos, Jose De Gracia Married Maria Pascuala Bustos Date: Bustos, Jose Teofilo Married Josefa Martin Date: Bustos, Maria Dolores Married Juan Jose Abeyta Date: Bustos, Maria Pascuala Married Jose De Gracia Bustos Date: Bustos, Ramon Married Maria Nisefora Valdes Date: Byrne, John Owen Married Maria Ignacia Mestas Date: Candelaria, Maria Julianita Married Manuel Antonio Gallegos Date: Candelario, Ana Maria Married Jose Brigido Gonzalez Date: Cardenas, Maria Felipe Cruz Married Jose Casimir Abeytia Date: Casados, Albino Married Maria Dolores Medina Date: Casaos, Manuel Married Maria Francisca Pacheco Date: Cerda, Maria Ygnes Married Manuel Gabriel Gonzalez Date: Cerda, Pedro Antonio Married Luisa Silva Date: Cerna, Jose Manuel Married Teodora Archuleta Date: Cerna, Maria Nepomuceno Married Jose Francisco Sisneros Date: Nov 1861 Cerna, Maria Philomena Married Jose Incarnacion Cordova Date: Chabes, Juan Pomuceno Married Maria Josefa Sisneros Date: Chabez, Maria Guadalupe Married Jose Tomas Salazar Date: Chacon, Jose Domingo Married Maria Bernarda Cruz Date: Chacon, Jose Ignacio Married Maria Josefa Vigil Date: Chacon, Maria Tomasa Married Jose Ramon Cruz Date: Chalifona, Maria Ursula Married Juan Evaristo Gonzalez Date: Chaves, Antonio Severino Married Maria Candelaria Gonzales Date: Chaves, Jose Candelario Married Maria Antonia Sierra Date: Chaves, Jose Gabriel Married Maria Manuela Martines Date: Chaves, Jose Ygnacio Married Maria Manuela Belasques Date: Chaves, Maria Ignacia Married Jose Alexandro Valdes Date: Chaves, Maria Rufina Married Jose Ramon Medina Date: Chavez, Florencio De Jesus Married Maria Petra Duran Date: Chavez, Jose Concepsion Married Maria Lucaria Medina Date: Chavez, Jose Roque Married Juliana Gonzales Date: Chavez, Maria Dolores Married Jose Maria Sanchez Date: Chavez, Roque Married Maria Feliciana Cordova Date: Clark, James Married Mary Neylon Date: Coca, Maria Dolores Married Jose Antonio Duran Date: 1852 Cordoba, Antonio Juan Married Maria Jacinta Montoya Date: Cordoba, Jose Miguel Married Maria Raphaela Medina Date: Cordoba, Maria Ascencion Married Timeo Gallegos Date: Cordoba, Pascual De Jesus Married Maria Dolores Jackez Date: Cordoba, Pedro Antonio Alcanto Married Maria Isabela Romero Date: Cordoba, Rudolph Fernando Married Margaret Mcsorley Date: Cordoba, Victoria Married Jose Agapito Pando Date: Cordova, Antonio Maria Married Maria Felipa Sisneros Date: Cordova, Hermenegilda Married Jose Eugenio Martinez Date: Cordova, Jose Incarnacion Married Maria Philomena Cerna Date: Cordova, Juan Francisco Married Maria Acasia Vigil Date: Cordova, Juan Gabriel Married Andrea Bigil Date: Cordova, Juan Julian Married Maria Serapia Fernandez Date: Cordova, Juan Lorenzo Married Maria Josefa Sandobal Date: Cordova, Juan Ramos Married Bernarda De Los Dolores Martin Date: Cordova, Luisa Married Rosalio Lucero Date: Cordova, Maria Feliciana Married Roque Chavez Date: Cordova, Maria Filomena Married Juan Nepomuceno Armijo Date: Cordova, Maria Magdalena Married Jose Miguel Martin Date: Cordova, Maria Teodora Married Juan Miguel De Herrera Date: Cordova, Victor Married Maria Juana Martinez Date: Cortes, Maria Josefa Married Jose Antonio Ribera Date: Cruz, Antonio Maria Married Maria Valentina Moran Date: Cruz, Desiderio Married Benigna Olivas Date: Cruz, Jose Francisco Married Maria Antonia Garcia Date: Cruz, Jose Manuel Married Maria Agatha Valdez Date: Cruz, Jose Prudencio Married Maria Simona Salazar Date: Cruz, Jose Ramon Married Maria Tomasa Chacon Date: Cruz, Jose Ramon Married Maria Ygnacia Vigil Date: Cruz, Jose Ramon Married Maria Margarita Maldonado Date: Cruz, Maria Asension Married Henry Samuel Valentine Date: Cruz, Maria Bernarda Married Jose Domingo Chacon Date: Cruz, Maria De Los Dolores Married Jose Felipe Gonsales Date: Cruz, Maria Manuela Married Jose Manuel Valdes Date: Cruz, Maria Nicolasa Married Juan De La Cruz Maes Date: Cruz, Mariano Married Maria Dorotea Ariano Date: Cruz, Sebastian Married Maria Antonia Maes Date: Cusa, Maria De La Cruz Married Juan De Dios Garcia Date: Cuza, Manuel Antonio Married Maria Gertrudis Madril Date: De Errera, Desideria Married Juan Julian Arellano Date: De Errera, Emigdio Married Juana Maria Rufina Moran Date: De Errera, Jesus Maria Married Maria Loreta Martines Date: De Errera, Jose Miguel Married Maria Antonia Martinez Date: De Errera, Jose Miguel Married Maria Dolores Trugillo Date: Deus, Carlos Married Juana Maria Gallegos Date: Dimon, Mary Married Eugene M'sweeny Date: Duran, Jesus Maria Married Maria Concepcion Tenorio Duran, Jose Agapito Married Maria Guadalupe Duran Date: Duran, Jose Antonio Married Maria Dolores Coca Date: 1852 Duran, Jose De La Encarnacion Married Maria Antonia Bachicha Date: Duran, Jose De La Yncarnacion Married Benigna Gutierres Date: Duran, Jose Dolores Married Maria Agustina Alire Date: Duran, Jose Francisco Married Maria Ygnacia Archuleta Date: Duran, Jose Guadalupe Married Maria Miquela Tafolla Date: Duran, Juan Antonio Married Maria Del Carmel Gonsales Date: Duran, Juan De La Cruz Married Maria Domicienda Padilla Date: Duran, Juana Maria Cruz Married Jose Roman Atencion Date: Duran, Juliana Married Juan Isidro Bachicha Date: Duran, Maria Benita Married Antonio Salazar Date: Duran, Maria Del Rosario Married Jose Felipe Aragon Date: Duran, Maria Dolores Married Miguel Antonio Trugillo Date: Duran, Maria Dolores Married Jose Antonio Gonsales Date: Nov 1852 Duran, Maria Gregoria Married Pedro Pineda Date: Duran, Maria Guadalupe Married Jose Agapito Duran Date: Duran, Maria Isidora Married Miguel Bartolo Salasar Date: Duran, Maria Loreta Married Antonio Quintana Date: Duran, Maria Petra Married Florencio De Jesus Chavez Date: Duran, Maria Serafina Married Jose Anastacio Arellano Date: Duran, Maria Soledad Married Rafael Pacheco Date: Duran, Maria Ygnacia Married Jose Miguel Quintana Date: Duran, Miguel Antonio Married Maria Manuela Madril Date: Errera, Maria Antonia Married Juan De Jesus Tientana Date: Espinosa, Jose Antonio Domingo Married Maria Eulogia Herrera Date: 1852 Espinosa, Jose Diego Married Maria Trinidad De Herrera Date: 1852 Espinosa, Jose Roman Married Maria Lugarda Martines Date: Espinosa, Jose Thomas Married Maria Francisca Montes Date: Espinosa, Jose Tomas Married Maria Belena Lucero Date: Espinosa, Juan Isidro Married Maria Ignacia De Herrera Date: Espinosa, Maria Espinosa Married Jose Desiderio Martin Date: Espinosa, Maria Manuela Married Jose Vicente Maes Date: Espinosa, Maria Vicente Married Jose Damaso Maes Date: Farrell, Joseph Married Julia Ryan Date: Fernandes, Jose Agustin Married Maria Rosa Mestas Date: Fernandes, Maria Josefa Married Juan Domingo Silva Date: Fernandez, Francisco Antonio Married Maria Donaciana Gutierres Date: Fernandez, Maria Antonia Married Jose Dolores Romero Date: Fernandez, Maria Serapia Married Juan Julian Cordova Date: Flores, Jose Antonio Married Maria Incarnacion Garcia Date: Frescues, Maria Benigna Married Jose Leon Sisneros Date: Fresquez, Jose Eugenio Married Maria Del Carmen Lusero Date: 1852 Fresquis, Bartolo Married Dolores Sanches Date: Fresquis, Jose Vicente Married Maria Antonia Tafoya Date: Gallegos, Antonio Guadalupe Married Maria Pascuala Marquez Date: 1852 Gallegos, Bernabe Gallegos Married Maria Miquela Lucero Date: Gallegos, Bonaventura Married Maria Manuela Sanchez Date: Gallegos, Florentino Gallegos Married Juana Maria Bernal Date: Gallegos, Francisco Antonio Married Maria De La Luz Salazar Date: Gallegos, Gabriel Married Josepha Martines Date: Gallegos, Jose Emanuel Married Maria Viviana Marques Date: Gallegos, Jose Francisco Married Maria Manuela Atencio Date: Gallegos, Jose Narciso Married Maria Rafaela Gallegos Date: Gallegos, Jose Tircio Married Maria Josefa Quintana Date: 1852 Gallegos, Juana Maria Married Carlos Deus Date: Gallegos, Manuel Married Maria Dorotea Trugillo Date: Gallegos, Manuel Antonio Married Maria Julianita Candelaria Date: Gallegos, Maria Antonia Married Juan De La Cruz Lucero Date: Gallegos, Maria Guadalupe Married Jose Manuel Ortibi Date: Gallegos, Maria Manuela Married Jose Miguel Pacheco Date: Gallegos, Maria Nestora Married Antonio De Jesus Archuleta Date: Gallegos, Maria Rafaela Married Jose Narciso Gallegos Date: Gallegos, Maria Rita Married Juan Andres Mansanares Date: Gallegos, Maria Salome Married Juan Ramon Quintana Date: Gallegos, Rafaela Married Santiago Arellano Date: Gallegos, Telesforo Gallegos Married Maria Clara Martinez Date: Gallegos, Timeo Married Maria Ascencion Cordoba Date: Gallegos, Tomas Gallegos Married Maria Manuel Olguin Date: Galvadon, Maria Suzana Married Benito Vigil Date: Garcia, Andres Married Maria Manuela Rivali Date: Garcia, Brigida Married Juan Bautista Martin Date: Garcia, Felis Andres Married Ysabel Barranca Date: Garcia, Jose Blas Teodosio Married Maria Luiza Trugillo Date: Garcia, Jose Dionisio Married Maria Manuela Romero Date: Nov 1861 Garcia, Jose Francisco Married Maria Ramona Garcia Date: Garcia, Jose Pablo Married Maria Rosa Quintana Date: Garcia, Jose Ruperto Married Juliana Martinez Date: Garcia, Jose Vicente Married Maria Pabla Garcia Date: Garcia, Josefa Married Juan De Dios Atencio Date: Garcia, Juan Married Maria Antonia Trugillo Date: Garcia, Juan Cristobal Married Maria Leonora Padilla Date: Garcia, Juan De Dios Married Maria De La Cruz Cusa Date: Garcia, Juan De Jesus Married Maria Viviana Trugillo Date: Garcia, Juan Isidro Married Maria Filomena Gomez Date: Garcia, Juan Luis Married Maria Vicenta Samora Date: Garcia, Juan Rosario Married Maria Felipa Sisneros Date: Garcia, Juan Ygnacio Married Maria Ascencion Vigil Date: Garcia, Juana Maria Married Jose Martines Date: Garcia, Manuel Married Maria Manuela Molla Date: Garcia, Manuel Garcia Married Maria Juana De Los Angeles Vigil Date: Garcia, Maria Agustina Married Antonio Jose Gomes Date: Garcia, Maria Antonia Married Jose Francisco Cruz Date: Garcia, Maria Antonia Ysabel Married Juan De Jesus Aragon Date: Garcia, Maria Asension Married Jesus Maria Lopez Date: Garcia, Maria Bitoria Married Pedro Gonsales Date: Garcia, Maria Ignacia Married Juan Aragon Date: Garcia, Maria Incarnacion Married Jose Antonio Flores Date: Garcia, Maria Josepha Married Jesus Maria Martin Date: Garcia, Maria Josepha Married Julian Martin Date: Garcia, Maria Michaela Married Jose Nasario Pacheco Date: Garcia, Maria Pabla Married Jose Vicente Garcia Date: Garcia, Maria Petra Married Jose Tomas Romero Date: Garcia, Maria Ramona Married Jose De La Crus Montoya Date: Garcia, Maria Ramona Married Jose Francisco Garcia Date: Garcia, Maria Ruperta Married Manuel Antonio Quintana Date: Garcia, Maria Ygnacia Married Jose Ygnacio Martines Date: Garcia, ose Pablo Married Francisca De Herrera Date: Garcia, Pantalion Married Maria Vicenta Sisneros Date: Garcia, Pedro Antonio Married Maria Fernanda Vigil Date: Nov 1861 Garcia, Pedro Jose Married Maria Teodora Sisneros Date: Garcia, Ramon Married Maria Reyes Mansanares Date: Garcia, Ramona Married Juan Bautista Arellano Date: Garcia, Rufina Married Juan Andres Quintana Date: Garcia, Tomas Married Maria Teofila Antonia Valdez Date: Giron, Maria Francisca Married Jose Francisco Quintana Date: Gomes, Antonio Jose Married Maria Agustina Garcia Date: Gomes, Jesus Married Maria Rufina Ballejos Date: Gomes, Maria Antonia Married Jose Marcos Mestas Date: Gomes, Maria Quiteria Married Manuel Antonio Mes Date: Gomes, Santiago Married Anna Maria Romero Date: Gomez, Maria De Jesus Married Juan Felipe Ballejos Date: Gomez, Maria Filomena Married Juan Isidro Garcia Date: Gomez, Maria Nestora Married Diego Antonio Guillen Date: Gonsales, Antonio Married Maria Juliana Martines Date: Gonsales, Antonio Maria Married Maria Dolores Aragon Date: Gonsales, Jose Antonio Married Maria Dolores Duran Date: Nov 1852 Gonsales, Jose Felipe Married Maria De Los Dolores Cruz Date: Gonsales, Jose Higinio Married Maria De La Concepcion Lobato Date: Gonsales, Maria Del Carmel Married Juan Antonio Duran Date: Gonsales, Maria Del Refugio Married Phelipe Santiago Medina Date: Gonsales, Maria Guadalupe Married Jose Maria Martin Date: Gonsales, Maria Guadalupe Married Francisco Rey Date: Gonsales, Maria Soledad Married Tomas Archuleta Date: Gonsales, Miguel Married Maria Juana Lusero Date: Gonsales, Pedro Married Maria Juana Catarina Martines Date: Gonsales, Pedro Married Maria Bitoria Garcia Date: Gonzales, Ana Maria Married Faustin Trugillo Date: Gonzales, Jose Brigido Married Ana Maria Candelario Date: Gonzales, Jose De La Luz Tafolla Married Maria Leonarda Baca Y Valdez Date: Gonzales, Jose Jacinto Married Maria Cayetana Medina Date: Sep 1860 Gonzales, Jose Rafael Married Maria De Gracia Montolla Date: Gonzales, Jose Vicente Married Maria Eduvigen Trugillo Date: Gonzales, Juan Evaristo Married Maria Ursula Chalifona Date: Gonzales, Juan Ventura Married Maria Gertrudis Madril Date: Gonzales, Juliana Married Jose Roque Chavez Date: Gonzales, Manuel Antonio Married Severiana Archuleta Date: Gonzales, Manuel Gabriel Married Maria Ygnes Serda Date: Gonzales, Maria Antonia Married Jose De Jesus Tafoya Date: Gonzales, Maria Bonifacia Married Jose Tilano De Herrera Date: Gonzales, Maria Candelaria Married Antonio Severino Chaves Date: Gonzales, Maria Ceferina Married Salvador Trujillo Date: Gonzales, Maria De La Concepcion Married Jose Ygnacio Sandoval Date: Gonzales, Maria De La Concepcion Married Juan Domingo Arellano Date: Gonzales, Maria Juliana Married Juan De Jesus Sizneros Date: Gonzales, Maria Quirina Married Antonio Maria Martin Date: Gonzales, Maria Ramona Married Yncarnacion Sandobal Date: Gowne, Maria Dorotea Married Juan Andres Mansanares Date: Guillen, Diego Antonio Married Maria Nestora Gomez Date: Gurule, Maria Nicolasa Married Antonio Domingo Salazar Date: Gutierres, Benigna Married Jose De La Yncarnacion Duran Date: Gutierres, Diluvina Married Francisco Antonio Pequet Date: Gutierres, Maria Donaciana Married Francisco Antonio Fernandez Date: Hayes, William Married Maria Rafaela Romualda Maes Date: Herrera, Francisca De Married Jose Pablo Garcia Date: Herrera, Jose Casimir De Married Maria Crysanta Pacheco Date: Nov 1861 Herrera, Jose Tilano De Married Maria Bonifacia Gonzales Date: Herrera, Juan Miguel De Married Maria Teodora Cordova Date: Herrera, Maria Antonia De Married Teodoro Martines Date: Herrera, Maria De La Luz De Married Agapito Montoya Date: Herrera, Maria Eulogia Married Jose Antonio Domingo Espinosa Date: 1852 Herrera, Maria Gregoria De Married Juan Del Carmel Martin Date: Herrera, Maria Ignacia De Married Juan Isidro Espinosa Date: Herrera, Maria Salome De Married Jose Antonio Quintana Date: 1852 Herrera, Maria Trinidad De Married Jose Diego Espinosa Date: 1852 Herrera, Ramona De Married Jesus Maria Vigil Date: Jaques, Eugenio Married Maria Francisca Vigil Date: Jaques, Maria Dolores Married Pascual De Jesus Cordoba Date: Jaramillo, Manuel Married Maria Annamaria Salasar Date: Jaramillo, Maria Asencion Married Antonio Jose Trugillo Date: Jaramillo, Rafael Married Maria Manuela Martines Date: Jaramillo, Rafael Antonio Married Mariana Martines Date: Jiron, Jose Crescencio Married Maria Agapita Medina Date: Lacome, Agustin Married Maria Rosa Arellano Date: Lara, Severino Married Maria Antonia Lucero Date: Leblanc, Alcaria Married Antonio Analla Date: Lobato, Jose De Gracia Married Maria De Jesus Montes Date: Lobato, Maria De La Concepcion Married Jose Higinio Gonsales Date: Lobato, Maria Dolores Married Maximiano Martines Date: Lobato, Maria Estephana Married Juan Jose Vigil Date: Nov 1856 Lopes, Antonio Domingo Married Maria Geronima Mestas Date: Lopez, Ana Maria Married Jose Manuel Vigil Date: Lopez, Jesus Maria Married Maria Asension Garcia Date: Lopez, Jose Guadalupe Married Maria Faustina Maes Date: Lopez, Miguel Antonio Married Soledad Madril Date: Lovato, Diego Married Maria Dolores Romero Date: Lovato, Francisco Jabier Married Maria Angeles Montolla Date: Lovato, Jose Manuel Married Maria Gertrudes Vigil Date: Lovato, Juana Pomucena Married Luis Raphael Trugillo Date: Lovato, Marcelo Married Ana Maria Romero Date: Lovato, Marcelo Married Maria De Los Angeles Romero Date: Lucero, Antonio Jose Married Maria Dolores Moran Date: Lucero, Ildefonso Married Victoria Maes Date: Lucero, Incarnacion Married Maria Theodora Martin Date: Lucero, Jose Cornelio Married Maria Norberta Archuleta Date: Lucero, Jose Crispin Married Maria Pabla Sanchez Date: Lucero, Jose Dolores Married Maria Feliciana Vasquez Date: Lucero, Jose Perfecto Married Maria Escipula Mestas Date: Lucero, Juan Antonio Married Maria Josefa Trugillo Date: Lucero, Juan De La Cruz Married Maria Antonia Gallegos Date: Lucero, Juan Eugenio Married Maria Antonia Pando Date: Lucero, Luciano Married Francisca Martin Date: Lucero, Maria Antonia Married Severino Lara Date: Lucero, Maria Belena Married Jose Tomas Espinosa Date: Lucero, Maria Del Carmen Married Jose Eugenio Fresquez Date: 1852 Lucero, Maria Juana Married Miguel Gonsales Date: Lucero, Maria Miquela Married Bernabe Gallegos Date: Lucero, Maria Paula Married Santos_Saint Montoya Date: Lucero, Maria Teodora Married Jose Martinez Date: Lucero, Maria Ygnacia Married Antonio Rodrigo Telar Date: Lucero, Rafaela Married Jose Monico Padilla Date: Lucero, Rosalio Married Luisa Cordova Date: Lujan, Juan Jose Married Maria Ysidora Cardenas Date: Madrid, Juan Manuel Married Esquipula Salasar Date: Madrid, Juan Manuel Married Maria Esquipula Salasar Date: Madril, Anna Maria Married Juan Andres Molla Date: Madril, Maria Gertrudis Married Manuel Antonio Cuza Date: Madril, Maria Gertrudis Married Juan Ventura Gonzalez Date: Madril, Maria Manuela Married Miguel Antonio Duran Date: Madril, Soledad Married Miguel Antonio Lopez Date: Maes, Antonio Jose Married Josefa Hipolyta Medina Date: Maes, Bernardo Married Maria Ysabel Medina Date: Maes, Jesus Maria Y Jose Married Maria Acasia Vigil Date: Maes, Jose Damaso Married Maria Vicente Espinosa Date: Maes, Jose Vicente Married Maria Manuela Espinosa Date: Maes, Juan De La Cruz Married Maria Nicolasa Cruz Date: Maes, Manuel Antonio Married Maria Quiteria Gomes Date: Maes, Maria Alvina Married Jose Maria Martinez Date: Maes, Maria Antonia Married Sebastian Crus Date: Maes, Maria De La Cruz Married Jose Consepcion Martinez Date: Maes, Maria De Los Angeles Married Santa Anna Molina Date: Maes, Maria Faustina Married Jose Guadalupe Lopez Date: Maes, Maria Juana Married Jose De Jesus Mestas Date: Maes, Maria Manuela Married Jesus Maria Bustos Date: Maes, Maria Mathiana Married Alejo Bustos Date: Maes, Maria Rafaela Romualda Married William Hayes Date: Maes, Pablo De La Trinidad Married Maria De Los Reyes Sandoval Date: Maes, Victoria Married Ildefonso Lucero Date: Maldonado, Maria Margarita Married Jose Ramon Cruz Date: Mansanares, Juan Andres Married Maria Rita Gallegos Date: Mansanares, Juan Andres Married Maria Dorotea Gowne Date: Mansanares, Maria Reyes Married Ramon Garcia Date: Manzanares, Catarina De La Cruz Married Antonio Abad Mondragon Date: Manzanares, Maria Benigna Married Jose Salvador Abila Date: 1852 Marcos, Juan Manuel Married Maria Helena De La Cruz Ariano Date: Marcos, Maria Incarnacion Married Juan De Dios Vigil Date: Marques, Jose Benito Married Maria Rafaela Martin Date: 1852 Marques, Juan Ygnacio Married Maria Luisa De Jesus Samora Date: Marques, Maria De Altagracia Married Jose De La Cruz Pacheco Date: Marques, Maria Viviana Married Jose Emanuel Gayegos Date: Marques, Noverto Married Maria Manuela Naranjo Date: Marques, Viviana Married Jose Ramon Sanches Date: Marquez, Juana Maria Married Juan Pomuceno Sanchez Date: Marquez, Maria Pascuala Married Antonio Guadalupe Gallegos Date: 1852 Martin, Antonio Abad Married Antonia Roival Date: Martin, Antonio Maria Married Maria Quirina Gonzales Date: Martin, Bernarda De Los Dolores Married Juan Ramos Cordova Date: Martin, Esquipula Married Lino Vaca Date: Martin, Eulogio Married Maria Gertrudis Sanches Date: Martin, Eusebia Married Jose Ramon Vigil Date: Martin, Francisca Married Luciano Lucero Date: Martin, J.

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