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When the Internet was young,, a pioneering online job recruitment firm, rocked the way people look for work.

Now, Monster itself has hit a rocky patch, marked by the resignation of three top officers, a major security breach and the rise of new competitors, including Craigslist.

Securities Fraud Class Actions (Total as of latest update = 39): 1. Amkor Technology (see discussion of this case here) 3.

Newpark Resources (see discussion of this case here) 24. Pain Care Holdings (see discussion of this case here).

According to Wharton faculty and analysts, Monster is confronting the “middle age” that all veteran firms of the Internet’s early days must face.

The company remains a force in employment advertising, they say, but as it settles into maturity, Monster must find new ways to protect its established markets and expand overseas.

The interior OL recruits are very good and while they should redshirt this year, they should be able to make contributions early on in their careers. Maryland will also actively scan the transfer market this summer if they can find someone who can contribute on the DL as its the biggest weakness on that side of the ball by far.

By backdating the UWCs, the conspirators could avoid the requirements of APB 25 and compensate themselves without reducing Monster's reported earnings.

And thus during the voir dire, a huge amount of time will be spent explaining to a juror why he or she misunderstood the question in the questionnaire or finding out that ․ the way he interpreted it was not the way the lawyers interpreted it. We would look back for some period of time to select a favorable low price, and instead of having the documents reflect the actual market prices on the date of selection of that price by the compensation committee, I would create fictitious documents, suggesting that price was selected on the date of the low price. Did the date you or others selected have anything to do with the date the grants were actually approved by the compensation committee? The Government introduced evidence at trial to show that Treacy and his co-conspirators granted options to themselves and others with strike prices often far below the fair market value of the stock on the day of the grant, and did so by falsifying UWCs with “as of” dates chosen in hindsight based on low closing prices and not based on the dates of any actual action taken by the Compensation Committee.

Willstatter, Green & Willstatter, White Plains, NY, for Amici Curiae National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. ” Id.79 “Is there anything about what you have heard, read, seen or experienced with regard to the current economic crisis that you believe would affect your ability to be a fair and impartial juror in a case involving a former executive of a public company? I did it once, and it was the biggest mistake I ever made.” The judge explained: The[re are] many problems with questionnaires, but the single biggest problem [ ] is that there is no one in the world who can draft a question that will not have ambiguities that will be, as I learned the one time tried it, that will be picked up on by various prospective jurors. When one prospective juror mentioned that a “very close friend” had been “burned by the Bernie Madoff” case, the district court stated: “This has absolutely nothing to do with the Bernie Madoff case or anything like it.” Id. The district court admonished the jury: “[W]e've all read about cases, high visibility economic cases; a number of them have come up in this very court. It is a totally separate, different kind of case, and you shouldn't even think for one second that it has anything to do with those cases whatsoever.” Id. Olesnyckyj testified that he helped put together documentation relating to the backdating and hid information from directors, auditors, and the public. By backdating I mean that we would select a price with the benefit of hindsight. Rather, exclusive authority to grant options was vested in a Compensation Committee comprising independent directors, all of whom had to sign a unanimous written consent form (“UWC”) to confer an option, and every UWC had to specify an “as of” date, meaning the date on which the option was deemed to have been granted.

Treacy was indicted in August 2008 on: (1) one count of conspiracy to commit securities fraud, file false reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”), make false statements to auditors, and falsify books and records, in violation of 18 U. ” Id.79 “Do you personally know anyone who has been charged with violations of the securities laws? at 13.79 “Would the fact that the charges in the case involve the securities industry or fraud alleged to have been committed in connection with the securities industry affect your ability to be fair and impartial in this case? The district court refused to give the jury a written questionnaire, stating: “I never give them, ever. Where prospective jurors gave affirmative answers to any of these questions, the district court probed further for possible bias. She explained that a stock option usually gives the holder the right to buy a share at a set price, known as the “strike” price or “exercise” price, and that this price is normally the fair market value of the stock on the day the option is granted. Cooperating witness Myron Olesnyckyj testified that he worked at Monster from 1994 until 2006, when he was fired because of his participation in the backdating scandal. What did Monster tell its auditors and the public about how the exercise price was being chosen for option grants during the period 1997 through 2006? Monster told its auditors and the public that the price reflected the price on the actual date of approval by the compensation committee, and that price reflected the fair market value on the date of approval by the compensation committee. Under Monster's official stock option policy, no members of management-Treacy included-had authority to grant options, whether acting individually or collectively.

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