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Brian David Bruns now lives in Las Vegas, but before settling down he abandoned everything at the age of 30 to chase a fellow female cruise worker to sea, became the first American in Carnival Cruise Line history to complete a full contract without quitting.Mail Online Travel caught up with best-selling author and former cruise waiter to find out what life is really like on board the floating palaces that are fast becoming the most popular way to see the world... In America, for example, we have empowered employees: they have rights, a voice, a modicum of respect.

And there was the guy who literally chewed on my tongue while we were making out (and in a good way).

Crew members at sea have none of those things,' he says.'Pay is not commensurate with hours worked, hence the lack of First World crew.

Sailing international waters and flying flags of convenience allow cruise ships to break labour laws found in First World nations.

Suddenly my vague work contacts were side by side with people I've seen naked. Facebook is infamously cagey when it comes to explaining their algorithms (and didn't immediately respond to a request for a statement) but it appears that the social media site is using our contacts in our phones to put us (back) in touch with people we may have (purposefully) forgotten about.

Someone in my comments section mentioned that you can go to this page and see the imported phone numbers and delete them.

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