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Under the settlement, people who were TD Bank customers at the time of Penny Arcade transactions “need not take any action to receive their distributions.”It says the bank would use its records to determine the amount of Penny Arcade usage by its customers.TD would multiply that sum by 0.26 percent to determine a customer's distribution, or payment.A crime scene technician checks guns for signs of forensic evidence like blood or tissue before putting it into a machine that showers it with chemicals to bring out any fingerprints. The weapon is then test fired and the spent shell casings are scanned into the database to be compared to others from across the state and country.

The video accompanies a short write-up on Boutella from the magazine, labeling her the an actress on the rise.

A suspended medical doctor has been found guilty in Las Vegas of drugging women and videotaping himself having sex with them.

Binh Minh "Ben" Chung's defense attorney, Christopher Oram, declined Tuesday to comment ahead of his 43-year-old client's sentencing on 11 charges that could get him life in prison. Chung was a family physician whose wife went to police in June 2015 after finding cellphone videos of him groping and raping a woman and patients who appeared unconscious.

In the attached 16-minute video he handicaps — at breakneck speed — what he calls the four horsemen of tech: Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple.

His take on the first three are well worth watching, especially if you've sunk good money into Amazon or Google.

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