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The Christmas and New Year backdrop add extra frisson to the proceedings as romance and misunderstandings abound before a stumbling block in the form of the arrival of Cherie’s former boyfriend.

General enquiries: [email protected] You can view the information by date, distributor and film title, you can search for a specific film, and you can print off a hard copy of the full schedule.The Unity Unit’s assistant is Ruby (Liz Kingsman) – who returns to play the same privileged and not-very-bright character as in Ballot Monkeys – a PA impervious to being fired since she’s the daughter of a prestigious party donor.On the cross-party Brexit Roadshow bus are Spencer (Kevin Mc Nally, Downton Abbey, The Pirates the Caribbean films), a disenchanted former UKIP-er now hopelessly in love with an Eastern European, and Gerry (Andy Nyman, Ballot Monkeys, Psychobitches), the Roadshow’s production manager.At the Conservative HQ’s Unity Unit is Oliver (award-winning comedian Jack Dee), a volatile ex-hack who regularly enjoys winding up his sensitive colleague Sarah (Claire Skinner, Outnumbered), who employs laboured metaphors in, what her colleagues might unkindly term, her ‘psychobabble’.Also at the HQ is Tony (Anthony Calf, New Tricks), a fence-sitter and veteran ‘survivor’ of Tory party politics.

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