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But sources have told The Post there was no proof she was in a drunken stupor during the liaison.In fact, investigators determined she’d had only a few drinks with Kelly at the South Street Seaport bar Jeremy’s Ale House.After getting out of the water, a self-conscious Gilligan, who admitted it was "scary" that she had to strip to a two-piece on air, was subjected to some awkward comments from Kelly.

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“Two of the reasons I was intimidated by him, when I first met him.”As for Kelly, no direct reason for their being re-teamed was given.“I’m glad we’re back,” Kelly says.This is apparently what happens when you make a morning show correspondent deliver a live report wearing a bikini.When local Fox reporter Anna Gilligan went to New Jersey’s Action Park to try out the new Tarzan rope swing, she got more than she bargained for in the form of some inappropriate comments from anchor Greg Kelly.Gilligan was there to show how the park had been transformed.But if she thought the hardest part of her broadcast was going on one of the rides and then swimming live on TV, she was wrong.

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