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It seems she is in the throes of a brand new romance.

The Saudi social mores and laws are heavily influenced by Arab tribal customs and ultra-conservative Wahhabi Islam. for less than a year, but says he's planning to stay permanently now. I have no doubt there are Saudi Arabian men who are against their country's treatment of women, among other things, but doesn't it seem like those men would volunteer that info right up front, knowing that of course an American woman is going to wonder? I'd have some of the same concerns about possible internalized misogyny, as well as being from a country that is generally pretty religious and insular. I wouldn't be worried about a man from all Middle Eastern countries, but that one is really something else.Well, he did ask me if I knew about it, and I said I knew some but not a ton, and that was it. Also, as you say it would be difficult upon meeting him to have a discussion about his personal beliefs and convictions that would be totally reliable.I could just ask him directly about these things, and I suppose I will, but as I said, some of it is just things people internalize and so his answer wouldn't necessarily be 100% reliable, and also I don't want to ask in an offensive way, or keep harping on it or anything. Not that I would expect deception, but it's likely that he might have internalized and subconscious beliefs that would end up being dealbreakers for me.

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