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Saudi Arabia has censored an advert featuring a white woman in a swimsuit by Photoshopping a beach ball over her because the photo breaks the country's strict Sharia laws about women covering their skin in public.

A photo circulating on social media shows a man and three children, all wearing black t-shirts, playing in a swimming pool with a Winnie the Pooh beach ball in the corner.

Everyone in the pool is wearing bathing suits in the unedited version of the photo.In a recent tweet, she revealed to her fans that she does not support the president-elect’s vow to make America “great” again.This comes after Khalifa was said to have offered free oral sex to Trump’s supporters if he won.Women in Saudi Arabia, which is governed by strict Sharia law and has previously come under fire for its gender segregation laws, are required to cover up their face and body when they are out in public.Human Rights groups were outraged when Saudi Arabia was elected to the UN women's rights commission in April.

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