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It was actually my first speed dating experience so it was awkward to begin with. I met a wide array of fellow geeks, some were easier to talk to than others and some fit that general geek stereotype but it was a great experience.

Start your promotional video for a new documentary show about geeks with a grown man doing a Wookie impression and it’s safe to say you’ve already played your cards.

In an exclusive release to Entertainment Weekly, TLC has announced that they are starting a show Geek Love.

There are two half hour specials scheduled to air, and if the audience is large enough, they are going to create this as a series. But to be a nerd is to be someone passionate about something, whether is be Star Wars or Comic Books, and as much as I hate to say it, even Twilight fans could be considered a nerd.

His idea was so popular that Sci-Fi Speed Dating actually got its on series on TLC, called “Geek Love”.

In order to avoid stalking issues, no one gives their real names at Sci-Fi Speed Dating events.

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