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Few, if any, knew the flora of Britain so intimately.However his favourite stamping grounds were in the South, especially Kent, the Sussex Weald and the New Forest.

Victims at his most recent trial told how he had laughed when administering electric shocks to boys using a hand-wound generator dubbed “The Tickler”.

During proceedings, the jury heard another former pupil at St Joseph’s describe how he was sexually molested by Murphy.

The 49-year-old witness said: “He said he was checking me.” One former pupil said of the institution: “It was just run on a regime of fear.”Yesterday, Lord Uist told Murphy that the imposition of a custodial term was the only sentence available to him.

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    I was listening to that Ellie Goulding song, ‘Lights,’ and playing along with it on an acoustic guitar.

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    I am happiest when in good company with fun-loving, positive people.

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