Silverlight service reference not updating

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You start cursing Microsoft and the Silverlight team and add to the threads in the forums or perhaps initiate a new wishlist item for the team and throw it out on Twitter and encourage votes.

You forgot that your service reference had your local URI endpoint in there and when you moved it to staging and/or production it failed.

If you disagree or have any other concerns, please feel free to let us know.

Your app ‘works on your machine’ and you push it out. It seems this is still a common frustration and people are trying to solve it in different ways.

However, the Service Reference does not keep track of the changes that we make in the application.

Updating a service reference to a Silverlight-compatible WCF service from a Silverlight assembly (consumed by a SL2 app) is very broken. :( Depending on the phase of the moon, exiting VS2008 and/or rebooting Windows may help (i.e.

when the WCF operation contract has changed) causes the existing service reference to be empty, with NO INDICATION od what went wrong.

This is causing us to consider dropping the idea of building our front-end in SL2.

Ravi, We haven't heard from you in a few months and Silverlight 3 has shipped so I'm going to go ahead and close this issue as not repro.

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