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“I think it's really encouraging that we're seeing the lowest cigarette smoking rate ever,” CDC director Dr. “We've actually reached the goal that the nation set for ourselves for 2020 early.So that's one of the most positive trends that we see here — down to 15.7 percent — less than one out of six kids in our high schools is smoking.At most, it is a reliable source of advice for women who want to improve their chances with the opposite sex.There is nothing I hate more than people who are self-righteous about not smoking.They’re less likely to use drugs, and they’re more likely to wear seat belts and helmets when they are supposed to.

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The Kaplan-Meier analysis predicted that 22.2% of patients would need reoperation at adjacent segments by 10 years postoperatively.On the downside, kids are fatter than ever before and just a third are eating anywhere near as many fruits and vegetables as they need to stay healthy. Sign up for top Health news delivered direct to your inbox.And a very troubling new statistic shows that more than 40 percent of teenagers who drive cars admit to having texted or emailed while driving recently. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which organizes the every-other-year survey, was especially pleased about the drop in smoking.Anyway cut to the chase, we did go out for a while, things were OK, we could relate, talk,and had pretty good sex, though her smoking was an irritant, I could most often leave the room, or leave the house while she smell of smoke on her caused a slight gag reflex in me, but I tolerated it for a while.anyway, to get to the point: One night we were having sex, a few different positions it was all good , we both orgasmed a couple of timesthen after a bit of a rest period, I got her rolled onto her side & got behind her, in what I cal the "spoons" position (both on our sides, me behind her and entering her from behindwe got into a slow rhythm, sort of that slow, relaxed, sensual love-makingin a relaxed position, not too feverish -it was going on for quite a while, at least 20-30 minutes, when she reached over to her bedside table & picked up a cigarette, & lighterand LIT UP while we were doing it- & smoked I could hardly believe it!I was quite revolted & saddened.anyway since that time we have drifted apart & I haven't really talked with her much, or seen her.don't think I'll EVER date another smoker my question to you POF people is this:would you find it disgusting/revolting if someone lit up a cigarette DURING the sex act? if not a really serious relationship, and FB type thing? if you were a non-smoker, and the other person KNEW that you are basically disgusted by smoking?

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