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But the other varieties are quite nice too with their own personalities.

One of them is very caramel-like while another is reminiscent of black licorice.

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Pairs will play first to four (not six), with a tiebreaker at 3-3, no deuces and no lets, with players rotating all the time.

"These are people who played tennis when they were young, they’ve given it up for whatever reason and they’re looking to get back into it." Keogh said there were ­already 16 people booked for the launch, with more registering for later events.

“I think they’re keen because the sport is something they feel comfortable with,” he said.

Langley Township is not to be confused with the City of Langley, which is adjacent to the township but politically is a separate entity.

There is limited recorded history from this time, as much was passed down through oral tradition rather than written documents.

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