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You get people to donate items (gift certificates, vacation property, access to private jets, you know… At the end of the night the highest bidder takes home the item. You know the pancake breakfast or spaghetti dinner? When your alumni come, ask them to share life updates, what God is doing in their lives, etc. Invite everyone on a Sunday morning to come back on Sunday night for an event you run a lot like speed dating, just with the intent of people getting to know one another. ) Charge to get in and presto, instant cash for food security around the globe. That’s right, it doesn’t just have to be at their house! Wouldn’t it be cool to have family dinner served at your favorite park, after a soccer game, or somewhere else special? Below we’ve highlighted five great ways, you can fundraise and show a charitable cause some love this Valentine’s Day.With red often associated with Valentine’s Day, this is the perfect opportunity to throw a romantic colour themed event.Whether you’re in a relationship or single, everyone loves a party, and when it’s raising funds for a good cause, everyone likes to do their bit. You could host a film night showing some of the most well-known romantic comedies, making it ideal for couples looking for something different; singles welcome of course.So hire a local venue and turn everything red and ensure everyone wears something red. Or you could throw an ‘Anti-Valentine’s Day’ film night for those who aren’t too fond of the day.Keep the profits and make sure you add value on the night with a raffle or auction!

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But if you’re not really into Valentine’s Day, you’re single or you just want to show as much love to as many people as possible, this is a great time to get fundraising. Challenge your church to match their coffee purchases for a week in donations to the 30 Hour Famine.FUNDRAISE HOWEVER THE HELL YOU WANT Ready to join the rebellion and raise money but not sure how? We've come up with some fundraising ideas to help you Stand Up To Cancer with us. PLAY CUPID AT SPEED DATING Get single friends, colleagues and neighbours together and host your own speed dating night.If you want to fundraise but you’re stuck for ideas then you’ve come to the right place!Check out our top fundraising ideas to help support women and girls living in poverty, and read our top tips on how to plan a successful fundraising event.

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