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Now, it’s a challenge to remember the last time you were naked together.

“Virtually all relationships go through some sort of tapering-off period, typically after 6 months to a year,” says San Francisco-based licensed marriage and family therapist Vanessa Marin.

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15 year old pocketbook-sized analog portable with MW, various shortwave bands (most of them are dual conversion) and FM.

Enjoy an improved listening experience throughout the home by utilizing advanced zone settings.

Also -a does not really help, throughput is still low.

I noted the following on my 7600 series page, comparing the 7601 to my trusty ICF-SW7600G: All in all, while the ICF-7601 is a somewhat mixed bag particularly when it comes to strong signal handling, it's a decent analog travel portable that still is a lot better than the el cheapo single conversion stuff you get new for its used price these days (I paid around EUR 20 plus shipping for mine).

Some were supposedly not well aligned from the factory and thus not that sensitive, this doesn't seem to be the case here.

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