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Saj Stéphane, Durot Claire, Mvondo Sakouma Kenneth, Tayo Gamo Kevin, Avana-Tientcheu Marie-Louise. Diversité des processus d'innovation dans les systèmes maraîchers des Niayes (Sénégal): entre intensification conventionnelle et transition agroécologique. Auzoux Sandrine, Rouan Lauriane, Loison Romain, Martiné Jean-François. In : Crop modelling for agriculture and food security under global change. Schmitt Tristan, Muru David, Jacquot Maxime, Atiama Morguen, Ajaguin Soleyen Cédric, Moutoussamy Marie-Ludders, Deguine Jean-Philippe. In : Biodiversité et protection agroécologique des cultures. Mémoire de master : Sciences et technologies du vivant : Agro Paris Tech Diagnostic et typologie des sytèmes irrigués de montagne : cas du district de Van Chan, province de Yen Bai, Vietnam. Dugué Patrick, Kettela Victor, Michel Isabelle, Simon Serge. ECOFI: A new generic database to analyse complex agroecological experimentation. Actes du Séminaire Biophyto, Saint-Pierre, La Réunion, 21-24 octobre 2014.

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Dossouhoui François Vihôdé, Agossou Sêsihouèdé Mindéhiya Désiré, Adegbidi Anselme, Mendez Del Villar Patricio, Tossou Rigobert, Lebailly Philippe. Associations of soil type and previous crop with plant-feeding nematode communities in plantain agrosystems. In : Celebrating 20 years of agroforestry research in Europe. Terrestrial lidar is the right technology for addressing these questions. Dauzat Jean, Madelaine Cécile, Heurtebize Julien, Lavalley C., Vincent Grégoire. In : Celebrating 20 years of agroforestry research in Europe. ACA Income diversification for rubber farmers through agro-forestry practices: how to overcome rubber prices volatility in Phatthalung province, Thailand. Renou Alain, Téréta Idrissa, Togola Mamadou, Brévault Thierry, Goebel François-Régis. In : Atelier innovations techniques et indicateurs de durabilité sur la culture du coton. In : Atelier final du Projet ITK AID-Coton FED/2014/354-544 : Innovations dans les systèmes de culture du cotonnier. MACSUR, Ag MIP More resilient cropping systems for food security and livelihoods in the Pacific islands. In : XXIX International Horticultural Congress on Horticulture: Sustaining Lives, Livelihoods and Landscapes (IHC2014): International Symposium on Impact of Asia-Pacific Horticulture - Resources, Technology and Social Welfare. Sourisseau Jean-Michel (ed.), Kahane Rémi (ed.), Fabre Pierre (ed.), Hubert Bernard (ed.) From plot to regional scale, spatial modelling of crop systems using interaction graphs. Jahel Camille, Baron Christian, Vall Eric, Bégué Agnès, Dupuy Stéphane, Lo Seen Danny. In : Building tomorrow’s research agenda and bridging the science-policy gap. (ed.), Bessou Cécile (ed.), Caliman Jean-Pierre (ed.), Sutarta Edy Sigit (ed.) Initiatives en protection agroécologique des cultures menées en partenariat par le Cirad en zones tropicales.

Godefroid Martin, Tixier Philippe, Chabrier Christian, Djigal Djibril, Quénéhervé Patrick. Cereal-legume intercropping modifies the dynamics of the active rhizospheric bacterial community. MACSUR, Ag MIP ECOFI: a new generic database to analyse complex agroecological experimentation. Stroesser Laetitia, Penot Eric, Michel Isabelle, Tongkaemkaew Uraiwan, Chambon Bénédicte. In : CRRI and IRRDB International Rubber Conference 2016, Siem Reap, Cambodia. EURAF Influence of the shea butter tree on agricultural yields in northern Ivory Coast. Gourlot Jean-Paul (ed.), Fruteau De Laclos Anne-Laure (ed.), Sigrist Jean-Charles (ed.), Ndoye Ousmane (ed.), Fortuno Sophie (ed.), Gérardeaux Edward (ed.) Les indicateurs de durabilité. Gourlot Jean-Paul (ed.), Bachelier Bruno (ed.), Balarabe Oumarou (ed.), Fok Michel (ed.), Fahala Adéyémi (ed.), Gérardeaux Edward (ed.). EURAF Modeling with stics the effects of no-tillage vs. Kaoh P., Lebot Vincent, Mc Gregor Andrew, Taylor M., Tuia Valérie, Iato O., Rogers C., Bourke R. CIRAD, INRA, IRD, Agropolis International, Wageningen UR, CGIAR, UCDAVIS, FAO, Agreenium, GFAR Future climate change impacts on maize production in the Cerrado of Brazil. Macena Da Silva Fernando-Antonio, Affholder François, Corbeels Marc. In : Building tomorrow’s research agenda and bridging the science-policy gap. In : Sustainable management of soil in oil palm plantings. Ratnadass Alain, Deguine Jean-Philippe, Deberdt Peninna (collab.), Grechi Isabelle (collab.), Nibouche Samuel (collab.), Rhino Béatrice (collab.), Sester Mathilde (collab.), Vayssières Jean-François (collab.). In : Biodiversité et protection agroécologique des cultures. Gestion sociale de l'eau : Montpellier Sup Agro Centre international d'études supérieures en sciences agronomiques Distribution des acariens en vergers d'agrumes selon le mode de gestion de l'enherbement en guadeloupe.

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