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Depending on your internet speed and the performance of the Nintendo servers, the download typically seemed to take anything between 45 minutes and three hours, and then you'd have another 10-15 minutes while the update installed.

Those who got impatient and killed the power on their system — never do that during an update — or had the misfortune of a power cut, meanwhile, ran the risk of a bricked system.

Nintendo had a masterful software lineup that appealed to its core audience while bringing in newcomers as well.

This page gives you instructions on how to update your firmware to 4.2 or 4.3.

As you may remember, the Nintendo DS was a phenomenon.

Life would be so much easier, particularly for impatient people, if you could run the download in the background, right?

Well it turns out that you can, it's just that Nintendo didn't tell us.

Recently it was claimed on Reddit that following the right steps would allow you to play games while the system update did its own thing in the background, and fortunately our man Jon Wahlgren just happened to receive his Wii U yesterday.

He bravely agreed to try the idea out so that we could make sure it actually worked: after initial setup, he chose "cancel" when the firmware update request came through and decided to play some Nintendo Land instead.

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