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– Joy"; however, this was proven to have been a prank later on in the premiere when she questions Alfie and he makes a false promise.

Nina's new life becomes even more strange when she meets an unusual old lady on the school grounds who claims to have once lived at Anubis House.

Joy's best friend, Patricia Williamson (Jade Ramsey), is dismayed to learn this and accuses Nina of being involved with her disappearance.

Forced to spend a night in the attic, Nina makes a bizarre discovery: the recorded diary of a young girl whom she met earlier as an old woman, Sarah Frobisher-Smythe (Rita Davies), who had lived in the house long ago.

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She has confirmed on Twitter that she has left her band because she wants to go in a different direction with her career.

The form also includes details on how you can contribute by Mail or by telephone.

Naturally, we hope many of you will contribute generously since we must rely in part on our viewers for financial support.

He planned studying Philosophy at University but the very day he left school started three years of work, filming two series & two films.

Eugene portrays the role of Jerome Clarke on House of Anubis.

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