Updating 6 cylinder 1954 chevrolet

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If you're considering the Corvette Black Book as an informative look at the history of the vehicle, you're looking at more of a Corvette "Table of Contents."I believe the Black Book is intended for buyers, investors and collectors as a guide to determine authenticity, numbers matching, etc, on the fly, such as at a car show or auction. The Complete Book of Corvette: Every Model Since 1953 is by Mike Mueller, an author who has written many highly informative books on Corvette. The revised & updated version goes to the 2011 model.Though the book is listed as a paperback, I was surprised to find this book had covers more like cardboard - about the thickness of the back of a pad of paper - sort of in between paperback and rigid hardcover. This is the most informative book on Corvette I have ever seen.Chevy started putting this side mount on Cars in 1952 so check to see if your 216, 235 or 261 has this triangular mounting boss arrangement.If it does not have this, don't worry, we have a solution for you too!In addition, the mounts are all made purposely to be low on the engine.This keeps the oil pump from having to push oil upwards unnecessarily which is better for the overall health and oil flow performance of the engine.

This car has the chrome valve cover on the Blue Flame Six though some were blue from the factory.

Here’s the latest chapter on our ratty, matte white 1954 Chevy – Project Sucker Punch.

Suspension components from the 1950s were very basic; they hadn’t gotten much better than the prior decades and we all know that these old Chevy’s ride on what is essentially horse and buggy technology.

If you're not sure, it's time to install a new one.

Bob's Classic Chevy has the original-style single master cylinder for 1955-57 Chevrolet models, as well as a dual-chamber master cylinder for all 1949-57 Chevy cars that have been ugraded to manual or power front disc/rear drum or four-wheel disc brakes.

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