Updating access table

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When he is finished he has to click Save and the record to be updated. If so how do I get the contents of the current record the user is looking at and how do I update that record with the new data? Because you are using unbound controls in your two latter forms you will need to pulled the required data from the 1st form. Initially I thought that this is because I had Allow Edits = False in the main form but even when I got rid of that and the other restrictrions it does not allow me to change anything. Why not allow the user to insert and update records on the main form? I may however do it by replacing in the main form the textboxes with combo-boxes and locking and unlocking the fields.

I managed to make the unbound form add new records using an SQL query.In Access 2010, you will a lot of Table Tools to let user change table fields settings.Since data type has to be specified for each field, it also allows user to change the data type on the fly without opening database in design mode.Let’s see how to change the data type of an existing field.For changing the Field’s data type, select the field by clicking column title and head over to Table Tools Fields tab.

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