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More than another week has passed since we had a look at the Rossi/Foldari cold fusion or more accurately – low energy nuclear reaction (LENR).

At that time most of the news was centered on the results offered by the professors at Bologna University who over saw the demonstration.

To take full advantage of the Intranet Connections software, you may be required to patch Cold Fusion on occasion.

Prior to downloading/applying an update or hotfix, you must be able to recognize the whether you are running a 32bit or 64bit version of Cold Fusion.

Carefully read and follow the instructions provided in the This section lists all the known issues/limitations related to OS/Feature support. However, an additional patch will be provided shortly after the Oracle Real-Time Integration Business Insight product is announced. If they are not unique, it may cause an unexpected behavior.

Bug ID: 2292616079 Added on: 22 March 2016 Platform: Windows There is a problem with mapping to implementation and editing of imported models on a Windows machine if you are using Windows for server deployment. Bug ID: 22858099 Added on: 9 March 2016 Platform: All When you uninstall or roll back the Insight OPatch, the Insight related library and applications are left over. Workaround: None Oracle BPEL PM supports the use of variables with same names across multiple scopes.

Row Count = 3, 3, 3 If I manually update my syntax to show the the loop counter as 3, it works fine.

However one views the Rossi device, Rossi presses on to the commercial adoption and the patent process. One can see what is available publicly at this link taking you to the World Intellectual Property Organization. For a list of issues and workarounds pertaining to Oracle SOA Installation, Upgrade, High Availability, Enterprise Deployment, Performance Tuning, and Web Services, as well as SOA on IBM Websphere, see the Oracle Fusion Middleware Release Notes.For known issues and workarounds for other Oracle SOA releases, see Known Issues for Oracle SOA Products. Change the "Delivery Mode Override" to "Non-Persistent" and save the changes. Click "Activate Changes" from the change center (only required on production domains). CFM page where a user can select a name from a drop down list (populated by querying a name column in My SQL database. I have managed to create the form and create the validation needed there (e.g. I just can't get the pre-populated data in there!!! OK, so clicking 'go' results in a GET request to the next page, right? So, you need to look up the person data using that primary key.

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