Updating nhl 08 rosters

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The March roster update for NHL 15 is now available for download on all consoles.

We’ve updated rosters to reflect the current lineups in the NHL, AHL, CHL, Liga, SHL, DEL, Extraliga ledniho hokeje, and National League.

NHL 09 introduced several new features from the previous year's edition of the game.

Features such as the defensive skill stick, dump-and-chase, and the lift stick option played into the advanced user's demographic.

Unfortunately, this has happened again despite the company's claim to new features.Controls are fully mappable, and compatible with the logitech dual action controller for those of you using it. no matter what extra features are added, there's a limited amount of times you can play video game hockey and still be entertained.It is pretty cool that you can choose from several leagues to play in. If you play it too much it almost begins to feel like a chore...New communication occurs through the controller rumble feature allowing users to communicate with a teammate in multiplayer games.Users can call for the puck by tapping the ice with their stick just like the pros.

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