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The raster support is currently optional, but installed by default. For enabling using the Postgre SQL 9.1 extensions model raster is required. Installing 10.6 will give you the App Store and the ability to upgrade to Mavericks for free assuming your hardware will run Mavericks.If you use Word Press, you MUST update your plugins and themes whenever you see that an update is available.As applications are required to run 24/7 with desired performance, DBAs are increasingly under pressure to keep the maintenance window as low as possible.One such improvement introduced in SQL 2014 SP1 CU6 and SQL 2016 CU1 is targeted towards optimizing and reducing execution times for UPDATE STATISTICS runs is detailed in this blog post. Consider a hypothetical scenario where a database has 4 tables viz T1, T2, T3 and T4.In order to re-enable these, you need to set the following environment variables in the server environment.

To spatially enable your database:psql -d yourdatabase -c "CREATE EXTENSION postgis;" psql -d yourdatabase -c "CREATE EXTENSION postgis_topology;" -- if you built with sfcgal support -- psql -d yourdatabase -c "CREATE EXTENSION postgis_sfcgal;" -- if you want to install tiger geocoder -- psql -d yourdatabase -c "CREATE EXTENSION fuzzystrmatch" psql -d yourdatabase -c "CREATE EXTENSION postgis_tiger_geocoder;" -- if you installed with pcre -- you should have address standardizer extension as well psql -d yourdatabase -c "CREATE EXTENSION address_standardizer;" Please refer to Section2.4.3, “Building Post GIS Extensions and Deploying them” for more details about querying installed/available extensions and upgrading extensions, or switching from a non-extension install to an extension install. The latest update of the Brookings- TIGER shows that the global economic recovery remains weak, uneven, and in danger of stalling yet again.Click a country name below the overall growth index to view charts for the main TIGER indexes by country and charts for the indicators that make up the indexes, which are broken down by real activity, financial, and confidence indicators.Wei's heavy cavalry–the most elite troops of the Three Kingdoms era.STRENGTH:★★★★★INTELLIGENCE:★★★★CHARACTERISTICS:good at charging and absorbing damage; Cavalry commander; His advantage lies in skills and formations; With dispatch skill.

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