Walkthrough for dating simulator ariane

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More experienced players may try default2that gives an overview of the most common parameters of the game and their actual value.

I will not give the tedious list of those 60 parameters and their function but you can consult these by opening the source code of the page.

Or even Cheeky Bingo, but that was less severe) have been well documented on Sick Chirpse but I think both of them have been beaten with the emergence of Dating Ariane. Dating Ariane works like one of those old point and click games.

Für alle, die mal ein etwas anderes Game spielen wollen. Download des Spieles: arianeb.com/dategame.htm# und Download des hacks! Weiter das Add On herunterladen und in einem anderen Ordner entpacken.

50MB) herunterladen und in einem Orderner entpacken.

Say something smart Kiss her I wanted to break the tension.

Run fingers through her hair Turn on some music Pick a Rock playlist Change music Pick a light Jazz playlist Dip and kiss her neck Go somewhere else Let’s go to the Kitchen Order Pizza for dinner Sorry I thought…Drink Wine Eat Pizza Drink Wine (again)Give her a compliment You are so pretty,…Talk to her Suggest finding a way to clean…Go to the bathroom Wait for her in the hallway Use the bathroom The rest of these walkthroughs will start where one of these 5 dinner walkthroughs end.

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