Who is cat deeley dating

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Kielty was bestowed the honor of running a leg of the torch’s journey through Northern Ireland.Due to the long-running conflict between Britain and Northern Ireland, the historic run by Kielty and other famous Irish, was significant. Kielty has struggled to find the funny side of a tragic personal history."Obviously LA is eight hours behind, so it was around tea time with her, and I texted her 'Happy Birthday' from a little Irish pub." "It was around two o'clock in the morning and closing time.She said, 'It's just a shame you're not in LA, because I'm having a lunch tomorrow' and I said 'I'll be there." While she thought he was joking, Patrick made it in time.(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images) "There was a moment, when we always used to keep in contact.It was her birthday and she was in Beverly Hills and I was in Dundrum," Patrick said.The 13-year-old, who is a judge on this year's The presenter attended the Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles Cat was enjoying a rare night off parenting duty.

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(When it comes to another child) the thing is I'm a worrier. The couple live in Los Angeles, but spend time in London and Belfast depending on work.He joked that Cat was so surprised she fell off her chair when she saw him.Dior And Maxfield Celebrate The Launch Of Winter 2014 Dior Fusion Sneaker Collection With A Cocktail Party...LOS ANGELES, CA - JULY 15: TV personalites Patrick Kielty (L) and Cat Deeley attend Dior and Maxfield Celebrate the Launch of Winter 2014 Dior Fusion Sneaker Collection with a Cocktail Party at Maxfield on July 15, 2014 in Los Angeles, California. E "So I got up at five, jumped on a six o'clock flight from Ireland and got into Heathrow at seven.Appearing on Lorraine, Kielty said he broke the ‘don’t get your money where you get your honey’ rule when he and Cat Deeley started going out.

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