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And I - well, the character - is very disappointed! Just before we got there though (March/April 2012), they'd just had a cyclone - their village had been destroyed and we'd lost a lot of the locations, so it's this amazing place with a lot of natural beauty, but whilst we were there they were having quite a difficult time. Wow, well we'd noticed it seems that pretty much everyone on the island must've had an extra credit in the film? They went back and did a screening of the film, and everyone just cheered every other minute because someone they know from their village is in the film. I think comedy is probably my strength; I love to do drama, but there's less room for improvisation or putting your own spin on a role. It was amazing, a really free experience and I've never done anything like it before. That sounds equally exciting and nervewracking, especially around Keith! He's Keith all day long; he's even Keith at lunch time. So, to a point, I did try to take on the character, make him do things and go places and be quiet and sit down. It's been a bit of a disappointment to some fans that you've not returned for Series 2, apart from a small cameo...

It looks like it must have been a lot of fun to shoot? What attracted you to the project - apart from the location!? Yeah, I mean, it wasn't my choice, Leigh wanted Keith to be single again, and you know, he's the machine.

The real reason, or at least the latest one, is far more tame than his previous stories.

He told Chris Moyles' Radio X show about his trademark accessory, but we can't see it catching on.

, the hilarious collaboration between Paddy Mc Guiness and Keith Lemon, which sees the chucklesome duo spoof various smash-hit Hollywood movies.

The sketch show, which began on Saturday night (May 6), features celebrity guests who help the funnymen pull of their cheeky skits.

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If you haven't seen "Celebrity Juice", you've missed out on life: absolutely hilarious. On second thought, it seemed a brilliant idea: the oddity of Celebrity Juice is that it is a game show ('panel show' in the UK) with everything real except the raunchy, flamboyantly heterosexual - i.e., sexist - host, Keith Lemon. The plot lines which will continue (according to the 'next episode' trailer) make me groan, especially the personal trainer and Keith's girlfriend subplot.

And the funny guy once told the Express: "I often wear a bandage on my wrist as I have a rather unorthodox tattoo right there and while I would argue it is a lively form of artistic expression, unfortunately most television producers tend to disagree."But it seems like that was also a bit of a white lie, too.

When Keith – real name Leigh Francis – collected his award at Sunday night's BAFTAs, both his hands were ink free.

These viewers thoroughly enjoyed the weekend’s sketch.

In fact, you might say they had the time of their lives…

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